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Starting my own online business

So you want to start your own online business? You are tired of the daily grind and are looking for opportunities to start your own business without the expense of a standard brick and mortar company. First of all, let me congratulate you on choosing an online business presence. It is the easiest way to […]

Do you actually like your job?

How many people like their jobs? How many people are worried that they might lose their job tomorrow or the next day? Going to work every day is hard. It is especially hard if you do not enjoy your job. What are the top reasons people do not like the job. Poor management. Nothing discourages […]

Get Paid to Take Surveys

  Taking surveys for cash? Is it possible, yes. You can make money supplying your opinions to companies that cannot wait to get them. They need your help. Be careful though; there are a number of scams you have to watch out for. Do not give out your social security number.