Affilorama – Legit or Not

Is Affilorama a legit program or a Scam?

Name: Affilorama


Price. $1 thirty day trail, $67.00/month, $497.00 for 3 years plus any upsells

This site is run my Mark Ling and he started it in 2005.

He had/has experience selling his own products and created a site to teach others.


  1. Could not find much negative about Mark Ling witch is always a good thing.
  2. Very large affiliate marketing community which can provide a lot of help.
  3. Good educational resources and training. You can learn a lot from his program.
  4. You can start for FREE which is ALWAYS a plus. I do not have much respect for programs that do not offer a FREE or trail program.
  5. Payment options for the premium program.


  1. Not a lot in the basic program as compared to the premium. Not unexpected, just disappointing if you want a large amount of free training.
  2. There is so much on the site that you can get confused or find it difficult to choose the right program.
  3. Not sure all the information is helpful and/or correct.
  4. Can get expensive once you start adding upsells. I have never been a huge fan of upsells but they are difficult to avoid in most programs.

Who is the program for: Just about anyone from beginner to pro. Affilorama can teach you how to get started in the affiliate marketing business or help you improve your craft as you continue to grow your business.

How the training works: you start off with the basic program which gives you videos and other online tools you can follow step by step. There are a number of software tools that can be useful you will have access to early on.

Cost can still be an issue; the $67.00 per month premium fee is not too bad. But, watch out for upsells. I also have a problem with some of their tactics from selling private rights content to back links in blog posts. Understand I am not against the use of any private rights content, just I prefer to offer it as a freebie in email address building. Not as a primary item to sell. If you plan on using private rights content in your website as content just remember other people are probably doing the same thing which means the search engines will see A LOT of duplicate content across sites which is not a good thing.


  1. AffiloBlueprint 3.0 membership ($197.00, then $67 per month).
  2. AffiloJetpack Membership ($497.00)
  3. Affilotheme ($97.00).

So, if you wanted all of this you would be spending $791.00 in addition to $67.00 per month.  Just keep that in mind.

Overall, I like a lot of what Affilorama has to offer. There is a great deal of useful information in the site and there is good value for your initial purchase and monthly fees.

The upsells? Not sure about those, they can be useful you just have to decide if they are worth it.

I do not believe this program is a scam. It is a legit program with its positives and negatives.