Easiest Way to Build a Website

What is the easiest way to build a website?

You are VERY lucky. I remember when you had to build websites in HTML. I had some experience with computer programing and although HTML was easier that most (or all) of the popular programing languages it could still be difficult if you were not VERY computer literate.

There have been a lot of updates since then and now we are to the point that you can build a website almost like using a word processor. Some companies such as Godaddy have their own web building tools which work pretty well. Especially if you need the ability to make a lot of complicated designs or an odd page structure.

However, for most of us using a simpler program meets our needs. I recommend building as site using WordPress. In fact, this site was built using WordPress. As I stated earlier I have used HTML programing and the web builders offered by companies like Godaddy and overall I would recommend using WordPress for most sites.

The next thing you have to decide is who to get to host your site using WordPress. There are a number of hosting platforms you can use but I suggest SiteRubix, it is 100% compatible with WordPress and they offer free websites under their domain.

If you want to start building your FREE site right now, please click the banner below. I look forward to seeing you online.