Can you make money writing Ebooks

Yes, if you know how to write, how to advertise and what to write about. I would also strongly suggest a website to promote your books.

All of these things are possible and I would like to give you some insight on how to do it.

Let’s start with writing. Can you do it? Do you like to do it? If so, then you have that well under control. But what if you don’t, then what are your options.

One option is to purchase private label e-books that you can sell as your own. Many people do that, I am not a big fan of it. Why you ask?

  1. There are probably many other people selling the same books. This means you are going to be provided a substandard product based on new ideas you are providing to you purchasers. You also run the very HIGH risk of having duplicate content on your website which the search engines do not like to see.
  2. Many of these private label books are garbage. Just written to sell to you with no real concern about the types of material they provide.
  3. Because selling private label e-books are not always great in their quality and content you run the risk of alienating people from you brand/name/website. You do not want that, remember you want return business.

Master Resale Rights ( has over 11,000 e-books you can purchase and resell. Understand I am not recommending you do that, actually the opposite but if you are determined check them out.

So, if you cannot write and you do not want to use private label ebooks what are your options? Obviously you are going to have to pay someone to write for you. There are websites out there which help connect you to people who will do your writing for you. I recommend posting the job you want and either saying how much you will pay or taking bids. You can search to sites to get an idea of what people will work for but you do not necessarily have to pay their asking price.

Sites to look at:

  1. I have had very good luck getting all kinds of things done on Fiverr and can recommend it.

Like their name suggests some of the sites do different things but you can always do a search like:

  • How to find someone to write content
  • How to find someone to write ebooks
  • How can I find a ghost writer
  • Who can write a book for me

You get the picture. People are out there, you just have to look for them.

So, now how that you have a ebook to sell how do you promote it.

  1. Social sites. Your social network is your best sales tool. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pininterest, snapchat, etc…
  2. You can sell it on
  3. You can sell it on
  4. You can sell it on your website (more about that in a minute).

One thing I need to address because I do not want you to forget it. You need a GREAT cover for your ebook. I highly, highly, highly recommend you getting someone from the sites I listed above to do you a professional cover. I use myself. If you do not have GREAT graphics you will run into trouble selling your ebook. Even if you write it yourself spend the money to get a good cover. You should be able to get one for less than $50.00 if you do not want anything too complicated.

Now you have your ebook, your cover for your ebook and have started promoting to your social network. It is time to take this to the next level, you need to have a website. In truth you should do this before you promote to your social network. That way you can promote your website, not just your ebook.

Why? Because your website can give even more information about your book which can help you sell it. You can also leverage your website to sell other e-books or other items/advertising all together.

Do you know how to build a website?

I can teach you how to start your website in 30 seconds. Don’t believe, just click here to find out.

The next question is how do you promote your ebook or website after you have completed your social media advertising?

My site can help you with all of that as well as give you some other ideas. You can also click here or the link at the bottom for additional ideas for additional ideas that can help you reach the next level in your ebook sales ideas.

Never stop learning and never give up. Sometimes sales start slow but once they start they can avalanche.

You ultimate question is probably how much can you make writing and selling ebooks or how much can you make selling ebooks. Right?

If you search the internet you will see all kinds of numbers from reasonable to crazy!

Let me start on the top end. You probably will not make one million dollars unless you write a novel and it becomes a best seller. Yes it is possible but I assume you are just starting out so let’s go ahead and rule that one out.

Writing small ebooks you have to lower your expectations somewhat. The key is to give people value for what they are purchasing then build on your brand by producing more books. In time this will give you some good residual returns.

Quality content, a good cover, reasonable price and promote like crazy. Eventually you will find success and ultimately the sky is the limit.