Is Predictive Financial Services a Scam?

Is Predictive Financial Services a Scam?

Predictive Financial Services is an options service that typically offers a number of option trades each week.

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Since I have been tracking them Predictive Financial Services has done a lot of work on their website, making it look better and much more professional. When I first came across them I was a little concerned that there website looked thrown together. Initially I thought that screamed SCAM. Now that they have updated it, I think I am a little more worried just because they updated it and made it look more like a typically sales site.

At least when the Predictive Financial Services site looked cheap and thrown together I thought, “hey, maybe I have found a real diamond in the rough”. However, now I am thinking, “yes, they are trying to drum up business”.

The Predictive Financial Services website claims some HUGE gains. As I am writing this they are Image result for make lots of moneysaying 5,050% weekly options gains. Now, let’s go back to the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true … it probably is.

Over 5,000% returns is unbelievable and begs the question; if they are making so much money trading weekly options why do they need to market their service? Need to think about that, not just when it comes to Predictive Financial Services but with any service out there. If a system works so well, then why would you want to share it?


The next thing that would concern me is that weekly options have a limited liquidity. So, the more people trying to buy them the harder it is to get them at the prices Predictive Financial Services recommends. It could even make the options harder for them to buy at the recommended prices. That is unless, they buy before they inform the subscribers. Think about that for a little while.

They do counter this buy trading weekly options in highly liquid options like Google, Chipotle, Image result for googleNetflix, Amazon, Baidu, Nvidia, Alibaba, LinkedIn, Tesla and Priceline. Yes, it is easier to get good pricing in these options because they are heavily traded but if each subscriber of Predictive Financial Services is buying say 10 contracts and Predictive Financial Services is buy say 20 contracts on each position then I think you can see how the trade recommendations of Predictive Financial Services will move even a highly liquid weekly option just by them announcing the trade.

They claim to offer between three to ten trades each week and shoot for a 30% to 100% gain on each position. From our experience this is true, they do offer about that many trades and the ones that were profitable tended to be in the 30% to 100% range. The ones that were profitable that is.

Predictive Financial Services offers their trades normally in two emails per day. The trades are pretty easy to follow but we had a huge problem getting into the trades at the same price they recommended which would automatically mean that we could not get the same results they did.

They do offer an auto trade service which we did not do so we cannot review that.

As we wrote this when we checked the results screen on their website it showed a lot of gains and positive trades. When we were trading with Predictive Financial Services we did not see thoseImage result for stock gains results and what they posted on their website reflected that. There were lots of 100% losses when we traded and as I said above they showed that on the results on their site.

Some of their REALLY big gains like Whole Foods and Linkedin were the results of buying way out of them money options very cheap each week and hoping for a major announcement. I cannot say how many times they are right on those over the course of a year but during our trading with them we purchased those types of options most weeks and they never hit. Perhaps they have some way to determine that in the course of a year one of these will hit or perhaps it is luck. We cannot say.

There are a couple of issues we found with Predictive Financial Service options recommendations.

One was that we had A LOT of trouble getting filled at the same prices they did. This will hugely affect your overall returns as compared to theirs. Another was it seemed somewhat arbitrary to us where they closed their positions. They might say shoot for 30% and then you see they closed for an 86% gain. Did you shoot for the 30% and miss the 86% gain like they said. Maybe you did not close for the 30% hoping for the 86% gain and ended up losing 100%. It seemed to us that sometimes they managed to hit the homeruns while we, following their advice were losing money or getting base hits only.

NOTE: We paper traded their system over about a 4 week period. In paper trading you do not get the same results as real trading but we are comfortable that we could not have achieved the same results they did following their recommendation emails.

They do offer a seven day trial which we would highly recommend. A trail period is always a big plus when evaluating a service like theirs. However, it is VERY difficult to get clear results over seven days because of the way their weekly option recommendations overlap from week to week.

Although we are happy to see that Predictive Financial Service offered the trail the truth is a seven day trail is almost useless. You need at least a thirty day trail to determine if their service will work for you.

It did not work for us by the way.

If their service is truly as good as they say you should be able to get a thirty day trail. We did not request it, if you are interested you should. If they will not give you a thirty day trail then if it were me I would avoid them. Seven days is just not enough to know if the Predictive Financial Services system is right for you.

As part of our is Predictive Financial Services a Scam review we searched the internet for other peoples experiences with Predictive Financial Services.

We came across the following:

Terrible Options Advice – Huge Losses. Unable to get their prices. They only show their gains.

Falsely Representing Gains – Sends emails with huge gains I cannot get same gains. 100% losses. Losses are higher than the gains.

LIARS! Terrible Misrepresentation – Signed up for 3 months they show 200% gains each month, I have 32% loss.

Providing falsified information. Stole my money.

As I said the above came from the internet search ‘Is Predictive Financial Services a Scam”

Do we think that Predictive Financial Services is a SCAM? Well, let’s just say that we could not duplicate their results when we tried to match their trades. We are also concerned that there are a number of other complaints out there addressing the same problems we ran into.

If you decide to give Predictive Financial Services a try be sure to paper trade. Even if you have to sign up I would paper trade for at least three months before I EVER invested any real money.

We thing you will find it very difficult to get the same results they did. Either way, please leave your questions and comments below. We would like to know your experiences.


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25 comments on Is Predictive Financial Services a Scam?

  1. You will find your experience to be common with all recommendation services. The price they say to buy or sell at is rarely achieved by individual traders. My position is, if I could do at least 80% as good due to slippage, I’d still be happy. It doesn’t work that way. Many times you simply cannot get fills, so that 100% gain they tout was never possible to you. You will inevitably have smaller and fewer gains, and larger and more frequent losses on average. The occasional ten bagger you hit will not make up the difference, much less give you a profit.
    I woould happily pay 10 times their $995 annual fee if they actually produced the results they claim.

  2. I see a lot of negative comments….no comments by the Service refuting the issues. I have followed their trades on paper and some live. I have not had a problem executing the trades at the recommended prices. I still have some reservations about the negative complaints as I respect my colleagues opinions. I don’t think a 7 day trial is adequate for a good evaluation and paying $395 for another month is not reasonable. Also, the fact that they say you can quit at anytime, but they will not refund ANY portion of the unused money is VERY disconcerting. What is the purpose of cancel at anytime and keeping all the money for the unused subscription…makes me very suspicious !

    1. 7 days is not enough to see if their service works. You need at LEAST 30 to 60 days just to see if you can get the same fills they do. There is a big difference in paper trading fills and real time fills. If you do decide to give them a try do not jump in too fast with real money. I would use only 1 contract at a time for at least 90 days. You might not be able to cover your subscription that way but at least you want wipe your trading account.

      Personally, we were not able to get things to work like they said. There could be a lot of reasons for that, so just use caution if you decide to give them a try.

  3. I signed up for PredictiveFinancialService trial just recently to try it out and compare it to my two other subscriptions that I’ve been a paying member of for years. I’ll share my thoughts on PFS when the trial is done. If I’m making decent NET GAINs then I’ll most likely sign up for the paid membership. Anyone know what the membership fee is btw?

    Right now, I’m a member of & Dan Zanger’s Honestly, they’re both hands down great services. Dan’s doesn’t give you firm buy or sells but instead shares a bunch of high probability setups. They also have a very active members messenger chat feature …kinda like being in private telegram group where everyone shares ideas. Many pros in that chat group. It’s great for generating ideas and setups. Been with Dan’s for 4 years& BotTrigger for almost a year now. Honestly, Dan’s is great in showing you what’s in vogue for momentum stocks. But chartpattern doesn’t actually tell you what to buy/sell with any specificity. It’s great stuff but you need to be actively always in their messenger app to get a sense of what they’re all talking about in there. Dan is a man of few words but when he speaks everyone definitely listens in there. He’s not flawless but definitely I would put him in the league of elite traders. Worth every penny.

    BotTrigger on the other hand give you live access to their portfolio positions on both stocks & cryptos with real time mobile trade alerts via text message & email….Hands down I’ve made more money ever since I started integrating BotTrigger into my trading tools. High quality technical & fundamental analysis…and they consistently catch some big moves . Few blunders every now and then but net wise the service rocks. But they’re more swing or position traders. Whereas Dan’s is more day trading friendly. I’m too busy to day trade though and find that I’ve made far more just sitting tight in quality swing/position trade setups. BotTrigger is also more conservative.

    I’m only giving PFS a shot here because Schaeffer’s Investment Research marketed an email blast to me about PFS. If PFS’s claims on their gains are real, then I’ll focus more attention/time to use the service. I’ll share my review here after the trial ends. Yall please do the same. thnx

      1. Through various people in our group we ended up with about 4 continuous weeks of the trail. I will say a one week trail is absolutely worthless.

  4. Different prices for different lengths. $495 for one quarter. $995 for one year. I think $295 for one month??? Obviously they want you to sign up for longer term….more $$ up front?. I did the quarter for 495. Made 10 times that first month. I Asked to pay additional $500 for a full year and they allowed me that. I only go one contract for the expensive ones( over $10/share) but several contracts when only $3-8. Allows me flexibility in selling 1 of 3, etc.

  5. Thanks everyone. I spoke with someone at the service and after listening to what they said I got even more suspicious but I wasn’t ready to count them out but now reading these comments I think my money is best spent elsewhere.

    1. Always good to do you own research and make up your own mind.

      Good luck and remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  6. Ive done this service in the past and you can get some gains but Ive had to skip some of their recommendations due to my own research, they dont always look at everything that can affect the market, they also hold trades through expiration instead of cutting and selling when a trade goes south, stay away!!

  7. Anyone wanting to check out a truly legitimate trading forum should look at a service founded by Nic Lovelace called The Super Trader. Nic is honest as well as a very good teacher. He does not not make wild claims, but teaches in a very hands on and realistic manner. Learning to trade takes time and determination, and the forum at The Super Trader merits consideration.

  8. Have to say I’m very happy with them. You have to use common sense, and stops. But I’m nicely up on their recommendations and will renew for a year.


  10. So it’s now July 5 2019. I had the misfortune to join this service about 4 months ago. At first it seemed good and I made a little profit. Their track record since 2nd week in May is disastrous. Yes, they had a couple of winners but mostly losses and some complete wipe-outs. So far, since joining them, I am down over 90% thanks to May/June (the results of which they don’t publish which in itself is disconcerting) with little hope of recovery. If I take into account my subscription fee I’ve lost everything. That leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth and I wish I never heard of these charlatans. Yes, they have good periods followed by bad periods which wipe out plus more the good periods. Steer clear unless you’re looking for overall losses.

  11. First,learn about options, do not use auto trade, understand what going on. If you cannot pay attention to your trading and account then do not trade. I use PFS as a reference and make decisions independently I shoot for 60% and don’t get greedy, so far so good, using discipline and patience up about 20%, better than any other investment type, but I go with, some info useful and some is not. Understand if you personally had system that made you that much, would you tell anybody or just take your money and retire to Bora Bora?

  12. I signed up for this one year services of predictive service on 5/26/2020.
    The last email I received for option play was 6/8/2020. I have been trying to reach this company at 1-800-418-7446 with no success, leaving tons of voice messages. At this point I am out of $995.00 with no way of recovering my money

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