Is Asinspector a Scam?


Since I previously did a review on JungleScout, I thought it was only fair to review Asinspector since it is a similar product.

First of all in case you did not read my JungleScout review (which you should have), let me tell you what Asinspector is. Asinspector is a site that helps people working on starting or running an Amazon FBA based business. Asinspector says it helps you to “Stay ahead of your competition by turning Amazon products into high ROI, high profit cash machines.”. JungleScout says something similar, but let me say now that yes, you can build a business and find products using these sites. BUT…do not let their marketing make you think it is easy and without risk. Nothing worth doing is easy. It is also VERY hard to have huge success quickly and many people do fail. Do your research beyond what I am going to tell you here.

So what does Asinspector offer? According to the features section of their website their software offers you.

  1. Best-Seller RankingsImage result for asinspector
  2. Mobile Scan Software
  3. Flawless Filters
  4. Idea Generator
  5. ASIN Import
  6. Reverse Search
  7. Crush the Competition Keyword Analyzer
  8. Know your Niche
  9. Pro Product Sourcing
  10. Revenue Estimator
  11. Star Ratings Stats
  12. Head to Head Product Pricing
  13. Store and Save.

A lot of features right? Well, as you may have guessed the most difficult part is finding the right product. You need a product that you can sell fairly quickly and source at a good price. Asinspector does a good job helping you with your searches but it still takes a lot of work that you have to do on your own. They offer some training on their website but you will probably find the best training on YouTube.

YouTube will give you many in depth videos on how to use Asinspector with all its bells and whistles and you can find some very good Amazon FBA business videos. Most are pretty honest about how difficult it can be to find the right product in order to be successful. Although I have not done an Amazon FBA review yet (one is coming) I will say the key is finding the right product. Asinspector and JungleScout are both helpful in that regard.

They do not offer a trail but you do have 14 days to cancel your order so I guess that is the trail. I would prefer an actual free trail. I have always believed that if a product really works it will speak for itself. So, what will it cost you?

The STANDARD LICENSE is $97.00. For that you get:

  1. Amazon Product Table Datapoints.
  2. FBA net payout calculator.
  3. Search Amazon Product on Stores (Walmart, target, etc…)
  4. Get product prices from 5-10 different stores.
  5. Open frequently bought together products.
  6. Export to excel.
  7. Load next or multiple Amazon search pages.
  8. Start a new search.

If you want the upgraded PRO license you will pay $147.00 and $10.00/month after that.

  1. You get everything that you would get with the Standard License PLUS:
  2. Open all child /variations for a product
  3. Get inventory on hand and prices from all sellers
  4. Get product keywords
  5. Amazon product page analysis and profit calculator
  6. Import ASINs/UPCs
  7. Save favorite searches
  8. Phone UPC barcode scanner
  9. Brainstorm and discover random keywords
  10. Amazon “done for you” feature for bulk UPC upload.
  11. Reverse search stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Etc..)

So which one would I recommend? A couple of things to remember. First of all, knowing the inventories of the other sellers is huge. Especially if you watch it over time to see if there products are selling. Second, the hardest thing is finding the right product so the more bells and whistles you can get to help you with that the better. That being said I would have to recommend the PRO license just for those reasons.

Is Asinspector a Scam? No, they do give you the features they promise (some of which you could find for free). You could find a lot of the information they offer in other ways but it is faster and easier to have it all in one place and at your fingertips.

The only thing I would say negative about the product is that they make is sound easier than it is. Do your homework. YouTube can be a life safer here. Search for Asinspector and Amazon FBA.

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3 comments on Is Asinspector a Scam?

  1. Thanks for the review. It was helpful. I have just started an online business selling through Amazon FBA and I agree with you that finding the right products is the biggest hurdle by far. This business model is slightly different from what I have been doing. I’ve been searching for suppliers in various categories and analyzing their product feeds for potential winners, with only mediocre luck (lots of slow sellers so far.) I am intrigued by doing the reverse ( identifying a successful product and then sourcing it out.) Wish me luck.

  2. Got an email from asinspector Really!!!! In subject (you suck) Very disrespectful I am disgusted,they want people’s business and they sent an email like that No Way will I ever do business with

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