Warrior trading Is it Legit

Warrior Trading: www.warriortrading.com

Owner: Ross Cameron

Warrior trading is one of those ‘let me teach you to day trade’ courses and chat rooms.

First let’s talk about cost.

Their chat room will cost you $149.00/month if you do the monthly plan and about $74.00/month if you sign up for the annual plan.

Their starter course is $997.00 and the PRO course is $4,299.00.

However, if you sign up for their newsletter you will see some discounts off of these prices if you are not in a hurry. You will also get some discounts off the PRO course if you purchase the Starter course and upgrade.

The site is run by Ross Cameron and he is REAL person. I say that because there too many guys out there who I do not think are even real traders. Ross seems like just a normal guy that might live next door to you which really appeals to me.

You can find Ross and Warrior Trading on YouTube and watch him trade. If you are in the chat room you can follow his trades real time. He is a REAL day trader. By that I mean he wins and he losses and you can watch both.

The site offers a couple of different strategies, Ross seems to mostly trade momentum stocks while another of the traders is more of an intra-day swing traders.


  1. Chat room is informative. You can learn a lot just by paying attention.
  2. Lots of YouTube videos you can watch to see if Warrior Trading is for you.
  3. Offer a free chat from time to time. You don’t really need it if you want the YouTube videos but still a nice touch.
  4. Courses are not bad. Stuff you could probably get elsewhere for less but he puts it all in one place for you.
  5. Ross is real. His trades are real. You can track his results for yourself. There is no way I can verify that he is trading actual (not simulated) money but I have no reason to doubt him. Either way you can see the results.
  6. Has a simulated program to practice on if you purchase one of the courses. Does not come with Chat. With courses you get either a 1 or 3 month access to the simulator. You can subscribe without the course but it is not cheap.
  7. Ross is the primary trader in his chat room.


  1. Day trading is NOT for everyone. Ross is very good at momentum trading and that can make you think it is easy. It is NOT.
  2. Courses are not cheap. I guess you could argue that you get what you pay for.
  3. Chat room price for the month to month rate is a little on the high side. If you do the annual it is a pretty good deal.
  4. Lots of emails to join or up sell with success videos of existing traders. I know this is standard marketing but it just seems like a little too hard of a sell for a program that has merits. I normally see this kind of selling pressure in systems that do not work.

Can you make money trading like Ross? Yes, but day trading is hard and momentum trading can be REALLY fast. Sometimes it is more like a video game pressing the right keys at the right time all in a 15 to 30 second (or less) time frame.

I found momentum trading a little too hard (and stressful) for me. I prefer to press buy/sell buttons to quick keys. Having to trade and make decisions that fast is hard and can get you into trouble. Take full advantage of their simulated platform while you are learning.

The bottom line is Warrior Trading and Ross Cameron are LEGIT. You can learn a great deal about day trading from their program. Just remember there are no short cuts. You need to spend a huge amount of time paper trading with success before you ever trade with real money.

There is a reason most day traders lose money. Ross does a pretty good job warning you about this in his course. However, I wonder how many people pay attention to those warnings or focus more on the abundance of success videos on the website and sent to you by Warrior to your email?

I know I just said this but even though this is a legit program be very careful not to get caught up in the hype of the successful trader videos. Take your time, learn a system, paper trade the system, do not overtrade and follow your systems rules religiously.