Affiliate Programs


One program I really like is

Wealthy Affiliate does offer an affiliate program if you are looking for one, but that is not what I like about them. What I like is they offer quality training you can use to build and promote any product AND YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE! Yes they offer a paid subscription if you are interested but you can get a HUGE amount of information for nothing.

I would recommend the paid program because it offers more training and you can host up to 50 websites for the monthly fee. Trust me, that is worth the monthly fee alone.

You can get 2 free websites with the free program, which is not bad if you are just starting out.

If you want a site that actually teaches you how to be successful online (with any product) this is the place to start!

Here is a quote from one of their pages:

“Wealthy Affiliate is not only the focal product you are going to be promoting on your site, but it is the home of an unbelievable amount of blog posts, training resources, discussions and videos that can be leveraged on your website.”

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