How to Make Money with YouTube How-to Videos

One of the more interesting ways to make money is by posting how-to videos on YouTube. I know that when I want to know how to do something one of the first things I do is check YouTube. My guess is that you do also.

You can make money with other types of YouTube videos but I think the how-to ones are the most interesting unless you play a lot of games and want to make video’s on playing the games. Most of the time those are either how-to’s anyway or maybe a review.

All you need to do is find the right subject matter which is not very difficult. Just think about what you want to know how to do or what you have looked up in the past. Personally, I would think of a subject then search YouTube to find out how many other people have made a video on the same subject. No sense adding another one if 1000 people have already done the same video.

If there are not many on your subject then watch a couple of them for ideas. You can also search YouTube or google to see what types of how-to video’s are out there for ideas.

Getting started:

  1. Set up Youtube account.
  2. Make sure you can make quality videos. Fortunately, many of the new phones are quite good at videos.
  3. Make sure your video is ads enabled and have the privacy level set to public.
  4. Do not use copyrighted material.
  5. Make sure your videos are family friendly.
  6. Set up a website to help drive viewers to your YouTube videos.
  7. Promote your videos on your social media accounts.

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