How to Sell Art Online for Free

How to Sell Art Online for Free

So, you want to know how to art online? I guess free may be somewhat of a relative term.

There are a couple of options for you a couple are fairly easy to implement. You can set up anImage result for how to sell art account on Amazon or Ebay and sell your art through their sites and do very well … if someone ever sees your art. I would recommend using both Amazon and Ebay and then posting your Amazon and Ebay product links to all of your social media accounts. Do not spam them. Perhaps once or twice a week will be enough.

As part of your social media campaign you should set up your own Facebook page and ask all of your Facebook friends to like and follow your page. A Facebook page can be a GREAT way to promote your Art and sell your art online with very little effort and no cost on your part. BUT you are only scratching the surface of what is possible.

How to sell Art online, you REALLY need to build your brand and you can do that with a website of your own.

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Don’t worry, even if you do not know how to build a website; you CAN build a website, host it Build Website in 30 Secondsand get the training and support you need to sell your art online free of any monetary charge but it will take some work.

Nothing is completely free. We can teach you how to sell your art online and we can provide you the tools you need without any monetary charge but you will have to put in the elbow grease to get where you want to be.

How to sell art online is not difficult, the process works almost exactly the same for all products whether you are selling a widget you made in your garage or you are selling an e-book you just wrote.

We are going to break this post down into a couple of sections. It is going to be somewhat backwards with the actual process first and then some background information at the end. Why? Well, because if you are like most people you do not want to read a bunch of stuff that you might thing is irrelevant before you get to the heart of what you are here to learn about. We understand, but hope you will read the entire article anyway.

What do you need to be successful to sell art online? The simple answer is training. That is really what we are offering and I will tell you about that as we go.

So where to start as you learn how to sell art online?

You could start with a Facebook campaign as we said above but we recommend you start with a website, especially since we can give you one for FREE. Plus more training for FREE.

If you do not already have a website you need to carefully consider what website name you choose, if you already have a website then we can help you make that work.

If you need a website you need to find website names that will help you bring in traffic, to do this you need to understand Keywords and how search engines use them. Different sets of words (KEYWORDS) are searched for different amounts of time in the internet, will drive different amounts of traffic to your site and have a certain amount of competition from other websites.

You need a program that will help you find those keywords and then give you all this information. Think about your art and describe it in a couple words in the below search box. This will give you some keyword suggestions and ideas for a website name. It will ask you to set up a free trail account, don’t worry it is free.

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Now, that you know what KEYWORDS matched your search, an idea of the monthly search volume, estimated traffic and how much competition you have for those KEYWORD. If you want to know more about KEYWORDS, CLICK HERE.

Use the information you have to create your website. For instance if you wanted to sell a book about How to Cook Chicken and you entered How to Cook Chicken in the search tool you would see that “how to cook chicken” is searched for about 3000 a month with an estimated 1st page traffic to your site of about 549 people. This is not bad, but it also says 175 other websites are competing with you for these keywords. So, maybe this is not the top KEYWORD for your website name.

It does give you another suggested KEYWORD phrase of “oven baked chicken recipes”. This one has an average monthly search of 6600 and an estimated monthly traffic of 1100. You still have 61 competing website which is an improvement. I would probably check out some more of the suggestions until I found a KEYWORD phrase of at least 40 or lower with a good number of searches.

To keep us moving along we will use “oven baked chicken recipes”. Now search for domains using those words in the search tool. We see that we can get [] so that will be our new website name. If a good website name is not available keep searching.

Now we have a website (unless you already had one) now we need to add basic content. Use the KEYWORD SEARCH LINK to put in your new main KEYWORD “oven baked chicken recipes” and see what comes up. You will get a number of words like the ones below. I am listing average searches, estimated first page traffic and competition next to the terms for your information.

oven baked checken recipes, 10, 10, 0 – notice the misspelling of the word chicken.
oven baked chicken recipes, 6597, 1122,61
easy oven baked chicken recipes, 75,13,15 – Only 15 competing websites.
easy oven baked chicken recipe, 128,22,33 – Only difference is no ‘s’ on recipe.

There are lots more you can review. I try to find ones will a competition of less than 50 and good search volumes.

After you find the best KEYWORDS, you need to write a quality, relative good content first page to your site. Try to get at least 5000 words using your chosen KEYWORDS as much as you can without negatively affecting a quality writing style. It is important that your content is well written and relative to your site. Do not just throw in a bunch of KEYWORDS that do not make sense.

Again write based on KEYWORDS about art or your type of art. The reason you are writing content is to bring in visitors to your site that normally would not know about you. Your blog articles represent free advertising over time.

This is also how you will add future content although you could use shorter articles of at least 2000 words, maybe a few shorter ones if they are highly relevant.

Now we need to decide how we are going to promote it. You have three basic options to promote your site.

  1. Social media. You can and should promote your site by all of your social media accounts. (you will need content first). This is includes our Facebook Strategy above.
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC). I do not recommend this without further training which I am not going into here. You can waste a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing. However, it can be highly successful if done correctly. Yes, if you want to JOIN our FREE start up training course we do teach this after you get through the basic courses as part of our premium courses.
  3. You can effectively grow your website visitors just by continuing to create effective and relevant content and adding it to your site via your blog or even additional pages. Content creation takes work and a very effective use of KEYWORDS but you can slowly grow you site exchanging time and writing for visitors instead of money like PPC. This is the only way to get organic visitors over time.

Building a site takes some effort but YOU CAN learn how to sell art online or how to sell affiliate products online with effort on your part. Yes, you can also start the process for free as I have stated.

You have the basics and now I would like to tell you a little about our online community of internet marketing entrepreneurs that can help your set up, design and promote your site using all of our collective experience which is at your disposal via our basic courses which include the following:

  • How to get ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo.Image result for promote a website
  • How to find KEYWORDS. We have already discussed this here but there are other ways.
  • How to build a Website in less than 30 seconds.
  • Two FREE websites including hosting.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to make YouTube videos and use them to bring in traffic.
  • Email marketing.
  • How to use social media to increase your traffic.
  • How to use PPC
  • Content creation that will drive people to your site.
  • Local marketing.
  • Know your audiences and grow your referrals.
  • Ongoing website development.

This is just a small portion of what you will learn on our site through online courses, individual modules and contributions from our members. We are continually updating and adding training to the site. You can even ask questions to many of the successful entrepreneurs that were once right where you are today.

We can offer you everything you need to know to build a website, attract visitors and earn revenue.

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You asked when we started how to sell digital product online for free and I hope I have given you a starting point to that question. Ultimately, the truth is that being successful requires training and effort. We hope you have decided to take advantage of our free program. If not, the information here will get you started.

Because of how important KEYWORDS are to everything you do, we want to give you some more information on KEYWORDS that you will find helpful.

Everyone who understands the search engines wants to know how to find the best keywords for a website or a blog. Finding the right set of keywords can and will determine where your site shows up on the search engines.

Keywords are important but do not forget about content. Neither the search engines or your readers are going to reward you if you just write a page or blog post full of various keywords.

How to use keywords on your website. Again, do not just put a bunch of keywords in a post or page. That is NOT the right way to do it. What I do is find out what keywords are best (more about that later) and then tailor a quality article around those keywords.

I try not to FORCE my keywords unnecessarily into the article. I want my content to flow naturally and reward the reader with quality information. None of us like to feel like we were tricked into going to a site. If we click on something we expect a reasonable amount of appropriate content to be there.

If we click on your link, then we want that answer to be there.

How you choose the best keywords for your article or post might determine some of your writing style but it should not diminish the content you are providing. If your content is relevant to your keywords then if you fully explore the content you should naturally have more than enough of your targeted keywords in the article.

I not I am preaching a little about content, but I really hate sites that just gratuitously throw out a plethora or keywords completely out of context. Trust me I leave those sites quickly. That is why I am harping on you content as much as your keyword selection.

It does you little good if your keywords work and get someone to click to your site and then they immediately leave because of bad content. You need them to stay, read and learn from you site. After that hopefully they will purchase something or click on one of your advertisement ads generating revenue for you. Which my guess is why you are doing all this, correct?

No matter what make sure you know what KEYWORDS to use and HOW to use them.

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  1. I don’t have any art to sell but I do have a product I want to build into a brand and sell online. Good article.

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