How to find Keywords for a Website


That is a question that many, many people ask. You are not alone in your desire to find the best keywords for a website.

In many ways fining keywords for website ranking is the ‘Holy Grail’ of web design. At least that is what many people think. I agree it is extremely important to find the right keywords for a website but DO NOT I repeat do not forget about content.

Even if you have great keywords for a website you will not keep visitors if you give them subpar Content Writingcontent. The key to a successful website is more than just the right keywords. Content, content, content. Check out my blog on content here.

The good news is there is a free keywords search tool. I call it Google. Just kidding, someone else named it that. If you want to find some free keywords simple go to the Google search bar and start typing. Let’s say you want to know keywords for finding keywords.

Start like this (do not type what is in parenthesis):

  1. (type) How (wait to see what shows)
  2. (then add) How to (wait)
  3. (then) How to find (wait)
  4. (then) How to find the (wait)
  5. (then) How to find the best (wait)
  6. (then) How to find the best keywords (wait)

You want to type your phrase slowly and see what Google tries to finish it with. Then you can take what you see and try to type other things. This way you can see what Google thinks are good keywords and this method of finding keywords if free.

The problem is you need much more than this. You need more ideas and the ability to see how many times those keywords are searched for. That is the only way you will be able to find the best keywords for a website.

Don’t worry; I have already done the work for you. By that I mean another company has and I found their information for you. Hey, I am willing to share.Keyword Research

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