How to Drive Visitors to your Site

How to Drive Visitors to your Site

How to get visitors to your site is a question I am asked all the time and write about frequently. Driving visitors you your website is the most important thing you have to accomplish if you want to grow your website organically. Organic site growth is the MOST important thing you have to have if you want your site to be an income producer.

Let me say it again (and again) you cannot build an income producing website without visitors. Yes if you do enough research you can build a landing page (must be a good one) and work out a profitable pay per click (PPC) campaign to drive purchased visitors to your site. However, this is not an easy task and not one I recommend unless you have done a lot of research and learned from those who have done it before.

Pay per click campaigns are not easy to set up and manage. It is not easy to build a landing page that will convert visitors to revenue. It is not easy to design a PPC advertisement that will get clicks and get them at the cheapest price. It is also not easy to know how to price your campaigns. This article is not about PPC so I am not going to go much further on this. I will say this, we offer training on PPC if you want to go that route. It is toward the end of our training (for a reason) but we can help you there. DO NOT just start throwing money at a PPC campaign.

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Ok, now off my PPC soapbox. I will probably do an article on pay per click at some point, I have avoided it because I do not want people to just jump into it without a proper understanding on how it works.

In order to grow your website organically and create a money making website you need to focus on getting visitors. I know, you are shaking your head and saying I already knew that.

There are a number of ways to do it. Social media is great and posting on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram account is easy and free and you should do it. We teach that also.

However, that is not the number one way to grow your website organically and turn it into a money making website. Maybe I should say a money making machine? I now you think I am pumping you up for a fail but I am not.

I can even prove it is not a SCAM. How? Scams typically happen because you fell for the old sales pitch that you can get something for nothing. That you can get rich with no effort or time commitment. That there is some ‘magic’ solution out there that will just start pumping money into your bank or PayPal account.

In case you have not already figured it out, you will!.

If you have already realized that these types of programs simply do not work and are ready to listen to what I have to say then you are ready in taking the first steps to making a money making website for real.

I have seen this method produce staggering results over time! Keep in mind it does take work and will take a little time to see the effects. Below are some examples.

Month 1 – 400 Visitors.
Month 2 – 1,400 Visitors.
Month 3 – 8,000 Visitors.
Month 4 – 30,000 Visitors
Month 5 – 43,000 Visitors
Month 6 – over 100,000 Visitors.

Between month 4 and 5 was a little strange but it picked back up in month 6. To keep the numbers going up you are going to have to keep working the process.

So, what is the process to a money making website using organic growth? Simple: Content.

That’s right, the way to build a money making website or turn you existing website in to an incomeQuality Content producing website is by adding content. The more you add the faster you can grow. The above growth was the result of a lot of work and adding a lot of content.

However, when I say content I do not mean just ANY content. You have to add quality, targeted and relevant content or this will not work.

Let’s start with the word quality. When I say quality content I do not mean a bunch of 100 word blog posts or 100 word pages. That is not quality content. When I write a quality blog post with very few outside links I try to get at least 1000 words. Ideally, I like to have 3000 words. Really depends on what I am blogging about and how many links I put in there.

For a page I try to get at least 3000 words as a minimum and can go up to 5000 words for a page. Again, this depends a lot on how many links I put it in.

The shorter your blog post or page the less links you need to put in it. But, as a rule even with only one or two links I like to have at least 1000 words. With 3000 words I try to stay around 10 links. If we are talking 5000 words maybe 15 links is the max.

The exception to this would be if you are making a landing page for a PPC or social media campaign in which you are not trying to rank for organic growth.

Next let’s talk about a targeted post for your money making website. When I say targeted I am referring to the KEYWORDS you use when writing your page or post. Every page or post should be targeted to certain KEYWORDS that you want to try and rank for. Ranking for these keywords in the search engines is how new visitors find your site.

I use a program to help me find the best keywords based on what my website (or post) is about. Using a good program can really help you define what keywords you can easily rank in. You do not want to use keywords that are in high competition, you want to focus on the ones that you can get to the first page of web searches the fastest with. Below I will give you a couple of simplified examples.


How to make Money on the Internet. Competition is 4,000

Money Making Website. Competition is 3,000

Money Making Scam Websites. Competition is 20

Now, this is a really simplified view of keywords but based on the above results you would want to write about money making scam websites. It would be the easiest and fastest to rank in. If you wanted to focus on How to Make Money on the Internet you are going to have a lot of competition before you ever get ranked high enough to bring in visitors.

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Keywords are key to growing your website organically. You can search my site for other articles on keywords, how to find them and how to use them if you want to know more. I write about keywords often on both my pages and in my blog.

The final thing to consider when producing content is relevance. By relevance I mean that if you have a website dedicated to making money on the internet then you probably do not want to write about how to fry chicken or how to adjust the carburetor on a 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster.

There are exceptions. If you are making a general authority site and are planning on relying on advertising as your primary way of making money with your site you might be able to get away with a variety of content and not negatively affect your income potential.

However, if you are promoting a keyword program then having people visiting your site trying to figure out how to fry chicken is NOT going to produce any conversions for you.

There is still a lot more to talk about when it comes to getting organic website growth. Please continue to look through my website for more details.

I would also encourage you to join our FREE internet marketing boot camp. It is how I learned and you will get to learn from very successful internet marketers. We have a series of courses for FREE and will provide you with 2 free websites along with hosting if you need them. Our free boot camp along with resources like my site can help you produce an incoming producing website with no monetary expense on your part. There is a work component however.

If you want to make money on the internet you have to work for it. The get rich quick programs out there are scams.

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  1. You are SO right about content and the importance of long term organic visitors. I checked out the rest of your site. Keep giving out the info.

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