How to Blog for the Money – Monetize it

How to Blog for the Money – Monetize it

In our last blog we taught you how to blog for the money in setting up your blog and deciding what to blog about.

We taught you the process of starting your blog but now you need to know how to blog for profit. Setting up Image result for bloggingthe blog, using keywords and being persistent is the hard part. Once you have done that then you have to decide how to best take advantage of the new web traffic you are getting and turning that traffic into money.

If you have not read our first blog on how to blog for the money, CLICK HERE. It is very important that you read that blog first before moving on with this blog which talks about how to blog for income.

So, we have website traffic and it is beginning to grow. As we said before, it will take some time for your website traffic to grow. It is VERY important that you continue to blog in order to keep that traffic growing and use low hanging keywords. We are bringing that up again here because it is VERY important and you do not need to forget it.

There are a number of different ways you can turn your blog into an income producing blog. We will probably not go into all of them here but we will give you a good starting point. We teach an entire course on how to make money on the internet which we will tell you about at the end if you want to continue your education.

The ways we want to discuss in this blog for turning your blog into an income producing blog are advertising and affiliate marketing.

We will start with advertising. In essence you will place banner advertisements or widgets on your blog pages.Image result for advertising Some may be the same on every page and some may be added to the blog articles themselves. It is up to you how you do it. We usually do a combination of both. Put some on the side bars that are the same on each blog article and put different ones in the blog itself.

A word of caution. Do not start too early with this type of advertising and do not use too many advertisements per page. You do not want to start to early because you do not want Google or Bing penalizing you for having outside links. You do not want to use too many advertisements for the same reason.

We normally either just use one sidebar widget at a time and maybe one advertisement in the body of the blog article itself. We try to say below 3 or 4 total advertisements on any given page. Our article sizes vary between about 700 words to over 3000 words. On average let’s say we shoot for about 1000 words.

Your word count makes a difference in how many outside links you can get away with. With one of our websites which does product reviews (part of affiliate marketing strategy) we might have ten outside links so our minimum word count per article is about 3000 words to make up for this.

There are a number of different advertising networks you can use. Probably the easiest to start with when your traffic is not all that high is Google Adsense. After your site is about 30 days old and you have some decent content you should not have any difficulty getting set up with Google.

You make money two different ways in advertising networks. One is by advertisement view and the other Image result for advertisingis by click. You by FAR make the most money when someone clicks on one of the advertisements you have displayed on your page.

As I said there are many different advertising networks out there, especially as your web traffic grows. Most pay better than Google, but Google is a great way to start monetizing your blog when it comes to how to blog for profit.

Advertising is going to bring in a trickle of revenue for you, but will probably not name your rich blogging. Affiliate marketing is the way to make the REAL money when it comes to how to blog for the money.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically you trying to sell someone else’s products through your website. When you are trying to create a blog to make money it is best if you can create a blog that will in some way relate to the affiliate marketing product or service you are trying to sell.

If you are blogging about weight loss to make money then you could look for products that have to do with weight loss to promote. You can promote things not related to your blog but you will find your sales (conversions) will be much lower. Try to associate with affiliate marketing programs that relate to what you are blogging about.

To find a good affiliate marketing product you can look at websites like (just search for them on the internet):

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Clickbank

These are just a few of them. Again, just search for ‘affiliate marketing’ and you will be swamped with ideas.

The REAL money if you want to know how to blog for the money is absolutely in affiliate marketing. There Image result for affiliate marketingare many different options when it comes to how you are paid.

Some are pay per sale, which is what I like. These might pay you 3% to 70% of the sales price depending on what you are selling. Yes I know that is a HUGE range. I have one major website that I own that gets about 4% from affiliate marketing sales and another that gets about 50% from sales. I make money on both. Actually right now make more gross money on the 4% site because their products are easier to sell.

That is the tradeoff with affiliate marketing. The higher payout percentages are usually higher because they are more difficult to sell.

I also prefer affiliate marketing sites that are subscription based as opposed to single sales for the same reason. I like to build a pyramid of money coming in instead of a single sell and that is it.

There are also pay per click affiliate programs which work about like an advertising network. You get a smaller amount of money but get paid just to send the visitor to the affiliate’s site.

You can also do pay per lead affiliate marketing which pays better than pay per click but not as well as pay per sale. I prefer pay for sale.

We have touched on how to blog for the money. But there is still a lot more you can learn. If you want to continue your education, GOOD NEWS.

We offer a FREE (no credit card required) internet marketing boot camp that can help you get started making money online.

We will give you video courses to learn from. Teach you how to build a website in 30 seconds and even host it for you. You can get up and running starting your money making blog all for FREE. Complete with intense training.

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