How to Blog for the Money

How to Blog for the Money

So, you want to know how to blog for the money? Don’t we all.

First, ask yourself, do you like to write? If not, then learning how to blog for the money may not be very much fun for you.

If you like to write then at least you have a chance to be a successful blogger. Don’t worry, you can learn to write if you do not know how. Writing a blog is easy if you follow the right steps.

To be clear, to blog for the money takes some time, therefore you need to be VERY careful about what you start blogging about because you are going to have to do quite a bit of writing in order to make money blogging.

Before you get too far along in your blogging for money journey pick your subject. How you pick your subject will depend a lot on what you plan on doing with your blog. You need to decide if your goal is to bring in as many visitors as possible or are you going to be what is called an authority blog.

Obviously, all blogs want to bring in as many visitors as possible because without visitors you cannot blog for money. You will just be blogging for your own self amusement, which can be very therapeutic, but we entitled this article how to blog for the money so we will assume that you want to make money blogging.

If you are willing to write about just about anything then you have the best chance to bring in the most overall blog visitors which means you have the best chance to make money with your blog. That in no way means you have to do it this way, especially if you only want to write about what you know. You can make money with a lot of different types of blogs.

It is just that if you will blog about whatever you can take advantage of many different keywords in your blogging. It is these keywords what will help you rank your site with the search engines and ultimately make you money. We will talk more about keywords in just a little bit.

If you want to focus on one or two things in particular then you would probably shoot for more of an authoritative blog. What we mean is that making money blogger will consist of blogging as an expert on a particular topic or two.

Let’s say you love to travel and want to blog about travel. Then your blog would consist of articles about your travels, travel in general, travel products or travel in general.

Perhaps you love motorcycle writing, then you would blog about all things related to motorcycles or you could focus on a more specific aspect of motorcycles.

Depending on what you choose to write about as an authoritative blog you have to be careful about getting too specific. If you get to specific using keywords that are low in search volume you will have a lot of trouble growing your blog. If you cannot grow your blog and move up the search engines then you will have a great deal of trouble monetizing your blog.

So, decide, a general blog on anything you think you can get keywords to rank with or an authoritative blog Keyword Researchusing the best keywords you can for that particular topic. As long as you do not choose some off the wall crazy authoritative blog you should be able to grow it enough to monetize.

Don’t try to be an authority on something crazy like how best to fry grasshopper ice cream. You will probably find it hard to find enough people searching for anything related to that topic in order to grow your blog.

Now, on to the most important part if you want to grow your blog organically through search engine rankings, you need to choose the right keywords.

You need to know how many times particular keywords are searched for, how much competition you can expect and how many visitors you can expect if you get ranked in the search engine for each keyword.

You can use a keyword program to do all of this for you.

Using our motorcycle example above I used our keyword program to search for “riding motorcycles” Below I will go over some of the results. I will list the keywords, the traffic or number of times searched for each month, the visitors you can expect if you get first page rankings and the number of competing websites.

Riding Motorcycles, Traffic 82, Visits 14, Competition 212.  This one is not very good. Limited searches and a lot of competition.

Ride Motorcycle, Traffic 3825, Visits 651, Competition 273. This one has better searches but still a lot of competition. A lot of competition means it will be hard to get ranked for.

Learn Ride Motorcycle, Traffic 455, Visits 78, Competition 75. This one is not too bad. It has a lot of traffic and the competition is not oppressive. I usually like for the competition to be less than 100.

Best Way Learn Ride Motorcycle, Traffic 88, Visits 15, Competition 1. I like this one a lot. Not a lot of traffic but almost no competition. Notice the search term is not a proper sentence, which is not uncommon since these are search terms.

Long term as you learn how to blog for the money you will want to write a good number of articles focusing on low competition keywords that give you a decent amount of traffic per keyword. Kind of up to you on what is a decent amount of traffic. To me if it has over 50 to 75 searches per month and low competition I would normally write a blog focusing on that keyword.

You goal is not to write one blog entry and get all your traffic from that one article. Using the example above, if you write 25 blog articles on keywords that have a Traffic of 88 that should get your 15 visits per month with very low competition then each month your blog will be coming up about 2200 searches and you should expect at least about 375 visitors each month.

If you write 25 blog articles on keywords that have a traffic of 146 and expected visitors of 25 then you would expect your blog to who up in 3650 searches and hopefully you will get about 625 visitors each month to your blog.

As you write more blogs, your traffic will keep growing.

I bet you want to know how to find the ‘right’ keywords.

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This is just the beginning of what you can accomplish when it comes to making money online. Blogging is just one of the things you can do.

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Many of our community blog for money. That is an over simplification but essentially that is what a lot of us do.

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