Why do you Want to start a Blog?

Why do you want to blog?

WHY DO YOU want to blog?

Blogging is different than having a blog. Many people know they’d like to have a successful blog, but sometimes forget that it takes a successful blogger to build that blog.

Previously, you were asked if you’d like to make money from your blog. Here, you can expound on that answer—if you want to make money, why?

If you want to be more respected or recognized in a certain field, why do you want to do it by blogging?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer, since it’s not vision-based. Vision-based questions lead us to lofty, idealistic “perfect-case” scenarios, whereas this question is asking more of a “down and dirty” question: What is it about blogging that you love/like/appreciate?

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Why do you want to build a platform?

WHY DO YOU want to build a platform?

What benefit do you have to offer others?

Building a platform is a great way to get your message into the world, but why does your message need to be there in the first place? Are you trying to improve humanity? Save the hungry? Preach the Gospel?

Whatever it is, it’s there. There’s a particular reason you want to get your message out to thousands (and yes, it can be just about the money).

Write it down.


Have you ever blogged before?

HAVE YOU EVER blogged before?

What writing or blogging experience will you draw from if you start a blog?

Some people have heard that blogging is easy—that may be true in it’s simplicity.

But what about getting people to pay attention to you, or getting people to find you in the first place?

What about dealing with the many emails, comments, and technical work related to maintaining a growing blog?

Write out


How can you envision this blog helping others?

HOW CAN YOU envision this blog helping others? Promote your website with blogging

Making money online is great reason to start a blog, but without a passion for interacting and helping others, it might quickly be a cause of burnout for you. Many bloggers don’t even care about making money—they just want to help people.

At its core, blogging was birthed from a “personal diary”-style of helping and interacting with others. People are searching for answers to their questions online, and bloggers are there to greet them, offering a (hopeful) solution or answer.

What is your solution going to be?


What are your long-term aspirations?

WHAT ARE YOUR long-term aspirations?

Blogs can grow and adapt into much more than just an anecdotal website.

If you’re trying to make money, are you going to plan to grow the blog into a larger service-based website? Will you build a blog in one niche, then another, hoping to sell each as they start to grow?

Is the blog the entire business model? Will you eventually grow into providing offline services?

Answer the above questions as well as you can, and you’ll start to see what your


What about your chosen topic makes you “hungry?”

WHAT ABOUT YOUR chosen topic makes you “hungry?”

Above, you answered the “million-dollar question” about blogging—“what makes you hungry?” This time, answer why that topic makes you hungry for more.

The hunger level you have regarding this topic is crucial to building a self-sustaining enterprise online. You either need to love the idea of building a blog for awhile, then selling it to someone else or hiring someone to write for you, or you need to love the


Do you have any particular life experiences that will help you?

DO YOU HAVE any particular life experiences that will help you?

What are some of your life experiences that will help you create content for your topic.

List as many character-building points here. Also, having a “story” will help you interact, engage, and connect with your future readers. People are drawn to stories—whether they’re fiction-based or well-told nonfiction.

Start thinking about your particular story, and why it’s compelling enough to draw


What is your story? Be concise.

WHAT IS YOUR story? Be concise.

This is the basic foundation of your “About” page, and possibly the blurb that will show up on your sidebar—be brief, but personable.

Check out the blogs you read most often, and look through their “About” pages. You’ll see that many of them tell a story; it’s personal, down-to-earth, and real.

Your story needs to engage and draw in your readers, but it needs to be concise.

As Alfred Hitchcock said, “a story is life with the boring parts left out.”


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