What Makes an E-Book Sell?

Most people would probably tell you that content sells an e-book.

You know, the standard:

  1. Story.
  2. Character Development.
  3. Flow.
  4. Writing Style.
  5. Formatting.
  6. ETC…

You know the standard stuff.

All of those things ARE very important. But even if you get all that 100% correct your book will still not sell. Why? Because you have to get people’s attention and interest to sell anything.

You need a GREAT cover. Without it no one will take a second look at your book. Don’t worry if you are not a graphic artist, you can find plenty of people who will make you an awesome book cover on sites like www.fiverr.com for a really good price. You will need to give them some guidance on what you are looking for but in general they are very good at giving you something great.

Once you have a great cover, you still need to advertise your book. Just publishing your book to Amazon without any type of advertising will not get you many (if any) sells. You have to advertise your product just like you would any other type of product you want to sell.

How do you promote your book?

Lots of ways. But I would start with a website. Build a quality website with at least 3 or 4 pages about your book. Be sure to put links on it so people can easily purchase it! If you don’t know how to build a website click this link and we will build you one in about 30 seconds!

Another great way to start promoting your new book is on your existing social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all great places to start. Take advantage of your existing social media connections to promote not just your book but also your website.

Why is promoting your website so important? Because you can leverage that site to promote other books you will write in the future.

Check out this site for ideas on promoting and building your website. Search around, I am sure you will find everything you need.

Good luck.



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