What is the Vision for your Blog

Are you wanting to Make a Money Making Blog?

The first thing you need to decide is what is your vision for your blog.


Your vision for this venture is going to define what problem you are trying to solve. The vision statement of your blog might be your statement of faith, your “how to change the world” mantra, your idea for a better tomorrow; etc. 

Usually the vision statement is a honed, specific, and idealistic set of virtues and morals that bind and guide an organization. For your site, it’s not necessarily important to have such a lengthy, in-depth analysis of your overall vision, but it is important to outline a brief set of ideals.

Use your best judgment for length—this “statement” isn’t going to be publicized; it’s for your own use. However, if you keep it short, it might be something that you can print


What goal(s) do you have?

WHAT GOAL(S) do you have? 

The first step in tackling a project of any size isn’t writing strategies, tactics, and quantitative goals.

Instead, the first step is going to be brainstorming. That’s it—just brainstorm the types of things you don’t get to brainstorm about normally: Dreams, aspirations, etc. Just spend a few minutes daydreaming about your life, and what you imagine perfect would be like.

Your goals—daydreams—are going to help define the answers to the following 100 questions, and these “life goals” are things we’re going to try to fit into your ideal image of blogging. Don’t worry about holding back or being unrealistic; there’s plenty of time for that later!

Blogging can fit nicely into your world and be a fun hobby, or it can change your life. The choice is yours; and now it’s time to figure out just how to make your dreams come true!

What drives you?


This is the “million-dollar question” about blogging, and sometimes about life in general.

What makes you “hungry”?

You must know what drives you to succeed; what you will wake up early for and go to bed late for. Answer this question, as honestly and genuinely as possible—of the many questions in this book, this question is one of the few that you won’t be able to “Google” the answer to.


Do you want to make money blogging?

DO YOU WANT to make money blogging?

Is this a side project that “might turn into something,” or is it going to be a muse that provides you with a lifestyle change?Learn to Blog

To some people, this is a strange question. “Of course,” they say, “why wouldn’t I want to make money?”

The answer, though, is different for everyone. Sometimes people just want to have an outlet for their rants, political musings, or artistic whims. That’s fine.

But many other people go into blogging and Internet marketing to make money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to be aware of the difficulties and struggles inherent with starting a profitable blog.


If you’re trying to make money, how much do you want/need to make?

IF YOU’RE TRYING to make money, how much do you want/need to make? 

In terms of annual income, do you hope this site will make you rich, offer a steady side income, or replace your current salary? Be specific, meaning write out the actual amounts!

Again, you might not need to make money, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Or you might despise the concept of blogging for profits.

Finally, this blog might be your “lifelong dream,” providing you with an escape route from your normal 9-5. No matter what it is, though, be specific about what you need per year financially.

What do you hope to gain from your blog?

WHAT DO YOU hope to gain from your blog? 

Not every site needs to generate income, but you do need to have a specific reason you’re doing it. Here are a few specific examples:

“To replace or supplement my current annual income.”

“I like the feeling I get when someone thanks me for what I’m doing.”

“To provide a public forum for debating current issues.”

“To learn from sharing and connecting with others, and possibly earn income on the side.”

What are your specific financial goals?

WHAT ARE YOUR specific financial goals? 

What do you hope your blog will earn in a year? Write your goals (not yet projections—that comes later) below.




These numbers don’t have to be based on anything other than speculation—as we continue through these questions, you’ll start to develop a better understanding of what you can accomplish with a blog, and you can write updated answers in your final business plan.


What are your specific traffic goals?

WHAT ARE YOUR specific traffic goals? 

How many visitors do you hope to have at each of these checkpoints? A “site visitor” is a measurable statistic that tracks actual human visitors to a website or blog. Usually these measurements are taken over a 30-day continuous period.

For the following time periods, you’re asking yourself what you hope your trailing 30-day average will be upon reaching these checkpoints.

Same thing as before, though: don’t worry about being accurate or realistic if you have no idea. Just write something. We’ll go more into what good traffic numbers should be as we answer more questions.





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