Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 Update

Wealthy Affiliate Review – 2018 Update!

Before I started with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) myself I had websites (many websites) and trained using a number of different programs. I read more books than I can count about internet marketing, keywords, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, niches, pay per click (PPC) advertising, social media advertising  and just about anything else you can think of relating to building a website and attracting visitors to it.

Don’t let anyone fool you unless you are a PPC king; unique website visitors are the key to a successful web based business.

I am going to show you why creating your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Start Account RIGHT NOW is the best decision you can make in 2018.

You can have your first website up and going in less than 30 seconds even if you have NO prior website building knowledge. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW

This is the number one site I recommend for internet marketing success. Why?

  • It really is FREE to join – no credit card needed to sign up.
  • The support is Amazing.
  • It has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be a success.
  • It works. WA has been around for over 13 years!
  • You get a community of mentors!

I have been through my share of scams and failures. Trust me when I say I know what it means to waste money on the internet!

Internet Marketing

I had some success but nothing like what I learned while at WA. WA gave me all the training I could possible want all in one centrally located place. WA allowed me to see what successful (much more successful than me) internet entrepreneurs were doing.

WA has a full suite of video courses to train you in everything you need to know. New content is added continuously in this EXTREMELY active community of successful internet entrepreneurs. This is an active community of people that started just where you are. They actively share their experiences and answer your questions in an active forum that you can actually watch questions and answers being added to by the minute.

These are helpful people (including me) that are there to help you beyond what even the courses and other material provided offer. Successful marketers are rewarded for posting and helping others by moving up the ‘ranks’ of the site. I have been here a while and am ranked about 1,600 out of WELL over 100,000 members.

(My rank is not very good, I really need to add more to the community instead of just taking. )

As a user you can even add training for others which is separate from the two standard course programs.

Where did I start?

That was a long time ago; I do not want to bore you with my complete history so I am going to focus primarily on what I have accomplished at WA in less than a year.

I said I had some experience but I was not successful before WA by any means. I made some money but my problem was not 100% sure what I was putting all my effort in would actually work. I did not have proven successful people teaching me, I was on my own. When things did not immediately go right I got discouraged and moved in another direction and never really focused on the continuous effort doing the right thing would lead to.

WA changed all that. I could learn from people who have been and currently are successful building web based businesses. I could see them share their stories when I was discouraged and that would give me faith that I was on the right track. I just needed to keep going. When I needed extra help or encouragement I could ask the community for assistance and they were there for me.

What is your financial situation?

Are you in the same place you were a year ago? Two years ago? Three years ago?

Nothing is going to change unless you make the changes yourself. Get out of your current routine and build a web based business that will at the very least add to your existing income. If you work hard it could even become a full time income. Think of that, work for yourself, from home. You decide how successful you want to be.

You decide what your goal is (this means how much work you want to put into it).

  • Quit your job and just earn money online. This absolutely can be done but it takes time and effort. Not an overnight process. Sorry, but like I said this is a real program so I am not going to make you think this is a get rich quick scam.
  • Supplement your current income. This can be accomplished fairly quickly. Perhaps 90 days without using Pay Per Click (PPC). Maybe faster with PPC
  • Have more free time.
  • Spend more time with your family and friends.

I have done very well following what WA teaches, you can to all it takes is time, effort and education. WA proves the education and support. You provide the time and effort.

Surround yourself with people who are doing just that. Learn for them, even copy them to some degree.

You can start the process with a free website, free hosting and free starter training. This IS enough to make you successful. Even our free starter program you can build a successful web based business. You could stop there and continue to build your future. It is possible, people have done it. That is where I started with WA. The FREE STARTER ACCOUNT.

But let me ask you something? Would you invest $29.00 to $49.00 per month for more training that will help you continue to grow your business? Would you pay $49.00 per month to earn over $5,000.00 per month in 12 to 18 months?

You can do just that, but this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a work and training program. You can go through the courses at your own pace. You could easily complete the two primary course curriculums on a month. The reason it takes 12 to 18 months is that is how long it typically takes to build your website out enough to bring in the visitors you need to be successful. Don’t worry, there is a LOT more training that is in the courses and as I said more added continually.

Courses are also updated to keep up with the changing nature of the internet. What worked two years ago might not work today. WA keeps you informed of those changes and how to adjust to keep your websites producing revenue.

As I said you can get started with the starter account. The regular account gives you the advantage of multiple websites, including hosting as well as the advanced courses. But, start free with up to two websites, hosting and the boot camp starter courses. I promise you can make money with the FREE account if you follow the course material and don’t give up. I kept the FREE account for about 60 days before I switched to the regular account.

I wanted the advanced courses, because the boot camp WAS WORKING and I wanted the ability to build more websites complete with hosting.

There are lots of ways you can make money with what is taught at WA.

You can become a SUPER affiliate and sell other people’s products from your website. You can even promote WA, which is how a lot of new members start. Just in case you do not know, a SUPER affiliate is a person with a website which generates a lot of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly visitors and they sell other peoples products on the site. The key to becoming a SUPER affiliate is building a website with lots of visitors. WA teaches you how to do that!

You can sell your own products. Do you manufacture widgets? Did you write a book? Do you list items on Amazon or EBay? If so, WA can help you develop a website just to sell your products. We have one member who is in the manufacturing industry who reported over $9,000.00 in sales in about 90 days from using what they learned on WA. Just to keep things honest here, they sell a high ticket item and the sales occurred in the 3rd month.

That is not a negative, it may take you a couple of months to make that first sale if you are relying only on search engines to drive visitors to your site. But, once they start visiting your site the rate grows exponentially if you have followed the WA suggestions. You can speed your sales up by using pay per click (PPC) and social media which WA also teaches in their courses. I started with search engines and social media providing my visitors then moved onto PPC much later. DO NOT jump into PPC to quickly. Make sure you have a solid website and have taken the PPC courses.

You can build a site that just makes money with third party advertising like Google Adsense. You will need a lot of visitors for this to bring in much money and it is the slowest of all your options when it comes to making money. But, it can be done if you wanted to.

I have third party advertising on my sites but I am also an affiliate marketer. I combine both of these to bring in the most money. I am also getting ready to start selling products on Amazon and Ebay which I will time into my sites, taking advantage of the web traffic I have already built.

That is the beauty of what WA teaches, you can grow and combine all the ways to make money using websites to bring in the most money possible taking full advantage of your web traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 13 years with members in over 100 countries.

Here is a little of what you get with WA

  • Video Tutorials
  • Course Lessons
  • Weekly Live Training
  • Access to Mentors
  • Member Training
  • Online ClassroomsMake Money Online
  • Live Chat
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Training
  • Comment and Feedback forums
  • Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Importance of images
  • Branding
  • Finding the Right Niche
  • Pay Per Click Training (This is really important. Don’t just start doing it)
  • WordPress training
  • Learn to Build your Own Website using WordPress.
  • Websites and Website Hosting
  • Website Reports
  • …and so much more. I could just keep going and going.

What does it cost?

START FOR FREE. You can make money using the free account. I promise.

If you decide to upgrade later for access to everything you pay just $19.00 for the first month, after that the month to month price is $49.00/month. If you pay yearly it is $29.00/month.

What are some of the differences between the FREE/STARTER and PREMIUM account?


The only negative I can give you is there is a lot of information to absorb. You might find the process somewhat daunting … but do not fear. Follow the courses and ask questions to the community when you need help. You can get there.

No Experience is necessary to be successful. The training will take you from the A to Z of online marketing. By the time you finish you will be an advanced internet marketer yourself. If you follow our program you WILL MAKE MONEY, how much depends on the effort you put into it and time.

I am proof it can be done and so are you. You are on my site, I built this site using the information I obtained from WA. This is NOT my only site, I have others dedicated to different methods to making money online. I keep this one because it is the first one I dedicated to WA. I also use it for other affiliate programs because I have built a visitor following. You can do it to!

Get started today, I hope to see you actively participating in our Internet Entrepreneur Community!



16 comments on Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 Update

  1. Loved the article. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member myself for some time. The program really works and I have built a couple of websites of my own.
    I also started with the free program and them moved on to the paid. I got a little discouraged at first because it took about 60 days for me to start seeing good results from my efforts. They have grown from there and I started making money. Being able to see posts by other members that show their success was a great help in staying on target. Good group of people and a program that works.

  2. Great review. I am looking for a way to make some money online. I will give this program a shot. Already signed up for the start up program. Wish me luck.

  3. Just getting started looking for options. Great article. Sounds like a good plan. Checking out the rest of your site.

    1. Keep looking through the site. Let me know if you have any other questions. You should go ahead and sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, the initial program is free and you WILL learn a lot.

  4. I liked your blog. Do you have any other information available about Wealthy Affiliate or other good affiliate programs? Just doing my pre-work before committing to anything major.

    1. Keep searching my site, there is a lot of information about Wealthy Affiliate as well as some other things I have looked into and reviewed. It really depends on what you are looking for. Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have found at what they do and would HIGHLY recommend signing up for the free account. You have nothing to lose.

    1. Please check out the rest of my site for more information. If you have specific questions, let me know. The free trail is actually a free program. You can use it as long as you want.

  5. I have been a member of a similar program before but Wealthy Affiliate looks like it is better organized. I signed up for the free program to give it a try.

  6. This sounds like a great program. This is one of the ones I will check out from your site. After I have a chance to take a look I will get back with you with questions. I always have questions.

  7. Interested in a website but what will it do to make money. I don’t have a product to sell at this point so whats your suggestion?

    1. There are a number of ways to make money with a website. You can do a content based website and sell advertising. Takes a while to build you visitors and earn money this way. I usually do this as an addition to my sites. You can build an affiliate type of site. There are many affiliates out there to choose from. You can make more money with these but still need to build your visitors. I run about 6 websites right now. I really focus on 2 of them and just try to keep the other 4 fresh. Really depends on how much time you have to commit and what your interests are.

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