Secret Hack to Build Web Traffic

Secret Hack to Build Web Traffic

Early on we worked hard to build our web traffic. We wrote article after article adding quality content in order to move up the Google search engine results.

We kept adding and adding content hoping to get noticed by Bing and Google. Guess what, we did, it took a while about three months to build any significant web traffic through content.

We used Google Analytics to keep a check on our daily, weekly and monthly web visitors. Just a friendly word of advice, don’t check too often. In fact, you might want to wait until after the second or third month to even look. Building website visitors through quality, relevant content can be a slow and yes somewhat grueling process.

We were producing 1500 to 2000 word page and blog entries as fast as we could produce them. At first, not a big deal but it did eventually become somewhat of a grind.

What if there was a shortcut to producing quality relevant content that quickly builds your website traffic faster with less work? Well, maybe less work is not the best way to say that. What we really mean is work that is more focused and you can see the results of your efforts faster.

This is where our Secret Hack to Build Website Traffic comes in. We are not sure if we are the first to come up with this and are not even saying we are. What we are saying is we stumbled upon it by ourselves after writing over 70 articles on our site.

One day we were staring at our Google Analytics page and noticed that about 80% of our traffic was coming from one article we wrote. Yes, we should have noticed that long before or more specifically we should have realized the relevance of it faster. There were about 5 other pages that were bringing in about 15% of the traffic and the remaining 5% was spread out over our other 64 articles. Obviously some had very little or no traffic but that really wasn’t what interested us.

So, we went to the article that was bringing in 80% of the traffic and started analyzing it. What we wanted to know is what keywords were in that article that people were searching for. The article was about a very specific thing so it was pretty easy to determine what people had an interest in.

The rest was easy. Write more articles that had these keywords and/or were about this subject. I know you are thinking well that seems pretty obvious. Perhaps it is, but not always to people just starting out building a website, to them this would a secret hack to build web traffic the really need.

So, how do you start?

You could do like we did and write about 70 articles, wait three months and see which ones were getting the bulk of your website traffic. This works and we would even recommend it, since we did it.

However, there is a better way.

First, make a list of topics that you want to write about and/or are relevant to your website.

Second, Use a KEYWORD tool to determine how popular these keywords are and how they are being searched for in Google.

Third, start writing 1500 to 2000 word articles using these keywords. You need to have a variety of keywords to focus on. Use different articles for each keyword(s) you are focusing on.

Fourth, watch your Google Analytics to see which pages are bringing in the traffic through search engines.  This may take a couple of months so be patient and keep writing. Google likes active websites so you have to always be adding content.

Fifth, once you have identified the articles that are bringing in the traffic, write more articles focusing on those keywords at least one article per week per page you are focusing on.

Sixth, search for other keywords to write about. You never know when the keywords you are focusing on will stop producing so you also want to add other pages to your website each week that have the potential of moving to the top of your traffic generation.

This is an ongoing process. Keep updating your website and it will grow. How fast depends on training. We can help you with that.

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