Promote your Website by Guest Blogging

How to promote a Website by Guest Blogging.

There are a lot of ways to promote your website for free and we are going to get into most of them over a couple of different articles about how to promote your website for free.

Perhaps you are promoting a new website or you have an existing website that you are struggling to get out there and attract visitors. No matter why you are needing to promote a website guest blogging is a great way to draw attention to your site and get more visitors coming to your website.

In reality guest blogging is essentially providing quality, relevant content to anther person’s website in order to get your name and website out there. Yes you can use content to promote your website and we will discuss that in a later blog entry.

Today, you are going to help someone else with their websites content as a way to get links back to your site.

First of all, you should email the webmaster of the website you want to guest blog for to make sure it is alright to submit an article. You need to make sure they allow guest blogging and they will allow you to have at least one back link to your website.

They will also tell you any rules they might have for your article and the number of back links allowed. Here at Promote your we allow guest blogger and we allow about one back link per 500 words or so. If you are interested in guest blogging for us to promote your website for free then check out our requirements by CLICKING HERE.

If the site you want to guest blog on to promote your website online does not have detailed rules then I would suggest you follow the one link per 500 words. In addition you need to see what the site you want to guest post on is about and write an article that is relevant to the website you are guest posting on.

In order to get the most clicks back to your site you also need to make sure the site you are guest posting on has some relevance to your site or the readers may not have any desire to click over to your site.

If your site is about coffee then you might not want to post on a site about the dangers of caffeine. If your site is about healthy living then you might not want to post on a site about the best types of chocolate in the world, unless you have a healthy alternative to chocolate.

You also need to make sure your site is keyword focused. Use long tail key words that are easier to rank in to help you get web visitors to our site as opposed to trying to rank in common keywords. You will have a small advantage if you are posting on a well ranked site but you still need to draw as many organic visitors as you can to your blog entry.

For example, “Chocolate” is a common key word that you will have trouble ranking in but a long tail keyword like “The best sugar free Chocolate in Kentucky” would be easier. I got a little carried away with that example, you don’t have be quite that specific but you get the idea.

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