Is the key to Website Marketing in 2018 based on content?

Quality Content


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As I have written about in this blog before I believe that content is the key to successfully marketing your website. Website or internet marketing is a very competitive. If you want to attract the most visitors possible to your site you not only have to give them a reason to visit, you have to give them a reason to come back!

Repeat visitors, especially if you are selling advertising pay per click or pay per impression Content Writingbanners are the key to being successful. In fact it goes beyond that. Even if you are promoting a specific product or products, having visitors return to your site gives you more impressions per visitor. Marketing 101 says the more impressions you get the more likely you are to have sales.

So what type of content do you need?

Quality of course. Seriously, you need web pages and blog entries that provide relevant information to your visitors. Internet marketing and website marketing requires a significant amount of effort, thought and imagination to do it correctly. It is not impossible to provide users quality content. It is not even overly difficult as long as you put the necessary time and resources into it.

Just think about what you would like to see. Think about how it relates to your website and what the people visiting your site are likely to want to see. I try to do that in all my web pages certainly, and even work at making sure my blog posts add something to the users knowledge or experience while visiting my site.

At the very least my blog entries should be able to stress the importance of something the visitor is searching for or cares and about and direct them to somewhere in my site or to another site that gives them what they are looking for.

Quality content is not the same as quantity content. Do not fall into the trap of blogging just to blog. Yes you can do that sometimes but most of your posts should provide quality content to your website and help you achieve your internet marketing needs.

Just do not forget about the needs of the visitors to your site, website marketing is wasted if you do not provide for your website’s visitors. They are the key to any successful site. New visitors or unique visitors are very important but I believe keeping your visitors returning is just as important. Remember, increase the numbers of impressions per visitor by providing the quality relevant content they are looking for.

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