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Is Petra Picks a Scam?

Is Petra Picks a Scam or Not? Let’s take a look at Petra Hess and her Power Trading System. We like to take a look at as many ‘guru’ type of traders as we can. Admittedly, that does take some time and effort because we want to be both fair and comprehensive when we look […]

Is Skyview Trading a Scam?

Is Skyview Trading a Scam? We wanted to take a look at another of the online options trading self-proclaimed guru sites. One thing we have always hated about these types of sites is that typically you have no way to verify their actual results. That is why we strongly suggest you ALWAYS virtual trade a […]

Is a Scam? Updated Review Is a SCAM? We have looked at this program previously, but they have recently under gone some website changes and have a third book about to be published so we decided to look at them again. Their tag line is “Learn to Trade Profitably” which we like, not the standard learn […]

Is TradePro Academy a SCAM?

Is TRADEPRO Academy a SCAM? There are lots, and we mean LOTS of websites and guru’s out there that say they can help you make thousands and thousands of dollars trading stocks, FOREX and futures. There are so many that I think we all know either most are SCAMS or it must be REALLY easy […]

Is a Scam?

Is a Scam? Evaluating financial sites that claim to teach you how to trade stock options, stocks, indexes, stock futures or commodity futures is one of our favorite things to do. Perhaps one reason is because we like to trade ourselves. Today, we are going to look at This site claims to be […]


IS REI Vault worth the Money. Is Chris Chico’s REI Vault worth the money or is it a SCAM? First of all let’s talk about what REI Vault is, a lot of this is taken from their website so you can review it if you want more information, According to the REI Vault website […]