Importance of Good Website Design

Importance of Good Website Design

Good website design is extremely important regardless of whether you are building a website for blogging, a website for affiliate marketing our you have a traditional brick and mortar business that is expanding to theMarketing Tools web.

We want to take a few minutes of your time to offer you some tips on good website design.

We also want to stress on you the importance of good website design. Good website design and flow will increase your traffic and conversions.

Let’s get started while we still have your attention.

  • Create a logo that flows through all of your pages and is prominent on your home page. Your logo and all images for that matter need to be high quality images. Your website will be judged by potential visitors by your images even before other things like website flow and website content are even noticed. Your logo will be what people remember the most about your website, it is the first part of your brand.
  • Include a page about what your offer. If you are selling hard products this is a no brainer but sometimes people who are selling services forget to really spell out what they do. This About page should be more of a history or biography about who you are and what your experience is. Tie that into what you are offering. Don’t go crazy on length. This page should be treated as a summary page. Make it easy to follow and easy to read. Both of these things are always important to good web site design.
  • Be sure to use your ‘Keyword’ in the home page title. If you are selling widgets, then make sure the word ‘widget’ is in your title page title. Your title page should be heavily focused on whatever your main “Keyword’ is. If you are not sure about keywords or which ones are good, keep reading we will help you with that later as well.
  • Be sure your pages are mobile friendly. Every day the number of people relying on mobile devices to visit websites is growing. On one of our main websites it is already over 40% and we expect that to go up further. If you do not optimize your site for mobile viewing you are really missing out on a large number of visitors and missing one of the most important tips we have in the importance of good web design.
  • Don’t skimp on your contact page. This page is extremely important to potential visitors. It may or may not be your main sales link page, if it is not then make sure you have a link to that page. Be sure to put your address, people still use an address to verify you are a real business. In addition include the obvious stuff like phone numbers and email addresses. It is nice is you provide contact information for various departments if you have multiple departments in your company.
  • Have a link to your home page on every page. This will help search engines determine that your home page is important. It will also make it easy for visitors to reset their visit and start over at your homepage.
  • Be sure to optimize your page for SEO. If you are using WordPress there are plugins such as SEO Press or Yoast. Having your website optimized for SEO is huge when it comes to generating organic visitors through the search engines. It is also important in helping your visitors find your site and understand what it is you sell. Plus the last thing you want is a bunch of visitors that aren’t really interested in what you are selling, they just ended up on your site because of bad SEO optimization.
  • Your website needs to load fast. People get bored when they have to wait and are more likely to leave your page or click another link they found on the search engine if you make them wait a long time as your page loads. As long as you don’t have a lot of images, videos or outside advertising your page should do well on a computer but remember, a very large portion of your website traffic will be using a mobile device.
  • Design your website in a way that makes sense. Don’t have too many menu items. If you do, make sure you have each one under the correct header. Good website optimization includes the easy flow of the visitors through your website. This is also important to good website design.
  • Don’t forget to use alternate text on your images. The search engines look at this and it can help you bring in extra visitors. Don’t skimp or get in a hurry or think this does not matter. Even if an alternate text in your image only gives you an extra visitor or two a day that could be 300 to 400 per year per image.

There are lots more tips and tricks to making a good website and getting your website ranked on the search engines.

Marketing TipsThese are just a few of them.

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