How to Start a Money Making Blog in 2019


How to Start a Money Making Blog?

Are you ready to learn the best methods, tricks and steps for successful and profitable blogging?

Do you want to make money online, build a long term revenue generating business and like to write?

If you like to write, even a little, and are willing to take the time to learn proven techniques for making money with a blog then we can help.

The first thing you have to determine is what is your vision for your blog? What are your goals? Make money, have fun, generate a passive income? All of these are great goals but what really drives you? What are you hoping to gain from the endeavor?

Are you wanting to make new friends, help people, share your experiences or make money? Perhaps all of those which is the best reason. Having multiple visions and goals will help you stay the course as you build a profitable blog.

Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint! Building an income producing blog will take some time, you have to commit to the long term.

So, you know your goals, now what are you going to blog about. Well, there are a couple of different ways you can approach this. If you strictly want to make money then you should blog about what people want to read about. Look around, what are other bloggers blogging about? Search for different keywords to see how they rank.

We are not going to go into keyword research in this article, it is an art in its own right. Let’s just keep it simple.

You want to try and rank as high and as quickly as possible with your content (blog articles) so you need to pick what are called long tail keywords. These are easier to rank in.How to Make Money Blogging

For instance, if you are doing a blog on Weight Loss you would probably have trouble ranking in Weight Loss because it is so competitive, but you might be able to quickly rank in ‘Weight Loss without Exercise” or “Weight Loss after 40” something like that.

If you are not blogging strictly to make money then you should write about what inspires you. With proper keywords focus and great articles you can still make money. It might take a little while longer to start making money but you will probably enjoy the blogging much more. Might not seem as much like work. Over time with a consistent message and continuous content your blog will still gain readers and ultimately make money.

Once you know your topic, you need to start to identify the traits of your potential readers. Are they overweight, are they over 40, are they women, are they men, etc…

This will help you to determine what kind of content to write and long term will help you determine the best ways to monetize your blog.

How fast can your blog grow?

As stated above, it depends a lot on your content (keyword) choices but even in more difficult niches with continuous effort you can probably grow our blog to about 4000 readers a month in as little as six month organically.

Of course, this makes a lot off assumptions and depends heavily on your ability to create quality content in a niche that you can get ranked in. Not to mention how often you produce content. The more content you can produce early on the faster your blog will grow. One day you might be able to blog once per week and maintain your readers, but starting out if you can produce quality content daily I would recommend it. You don’t have to, your blog will grow over time either way. I guess it just depends on how impatient you are.

Don’t be afraid to monetize your blog from the beginning. There is no reason to wait, just don’t put many advertisements up until after your blog starts to get traction. I am a firm believer that having to many outbound links to your blog early on will hurt your rankings. Later, you can get away with a few more.

How to monetize?

One is through Google Adsense. It is really simple, just create an account and add the script to your blog or site.

Another is through affiliate marketing. Find a product that goes hand in hand with your content and start promoting it on your site and individual blog articles tailored to the product. You can find a really good course on how to affiliate market by CLICKING HERE

You can also get sponsorships for your blog. This is more of a proactive approach, one day they may contact you but initially you will have to reach out to them. Look for products or services in your niche and reach out to them about sponsoring your blog. Depending on the product and your traffic they may or may not have an interest. How much you can make varies a lot.

Long term, Adsense will be penny’s in your pocket. The real money is in affiliate marketing. Sponsorships are nice as well but you may have to wait until you are a successful blogger to get those.

There is so much that goes into building a successful blog that we could write a book about it. In fact we did! Don’t worry, it is not difficult, there is just a lot of information and considerations to be taken into account.

Check out our book, the link is below. We have been in the business a long time and promise you will not find a cheaper course on How to Blog for Money. We really want to help you.

Good luck and keep blogging, you only fail when you quit.


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