How to Sell a Book Online

Selling books online is just like selling anything else online. You could and can say that if you learn to sell anything online then you can sell the thing you want to sell. I know how stupid that might sound but it’s true.

So let’s talk about how to sell books online (or how to sell anything online).

First do you want a website? I would suggest one they are not difficult to make; in fact I am sure you can find references to how to quickly make one within my site. If you decide against a website you can still promote your books on social media. Facebook is particularly good for that because you can create a page dedicated just to your book.

Think of how valuable it would be to have the Facebook page about your book which also promoted your website? Just remember you can use your website for other books as well. A Website gives you the ability to build off you success promoting your first book with the second, third, etc…

I touched on Facebook above, don’t forget about other social media sites. Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many others. One I left out was YouTube because I wanted to talk about it separately. YouTube can be a powerful tool in selling a book because you can create videos of you reading a portion of the book. People like to watch videos. Take the time to learn how to use YouTube to sell your book. You can also promote your website on it if you elected to create one. Get it, I am pushing you toward that website. It really is important.

After you have used all your social media contacts you will have to rely on your website to promote your book. I would suggest also having a blog. Talk about writing, maybe review some other books, talk about the characters in your book. Things relating to writing. Over time new visitors will find your site from your blog posts. You can also reference those on your social media sites.

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