How to Promote your Website on Twitter

Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your website. Reaching out to your existing contacts can get you some quick results in any marketing campaign. I almost always start with my social media accounts when advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

You can take advantage of your existing contacts as well as find new ones.

Below are some tips for Twitter.

  1. Remember it is Twitter. You only have so many characters you can use. You have to find a way to be creative and short. Many times your tweets might just have a few minutes of view time before they are replaced on a persons feed so they have to grab attention.
  2. Ask a question and give a link to find the answer from your website.
  3. If you have some sort of facts or statistics you can use that draws attention. Example: Did you know 8x more people like websites with dogs? Clk to find out why.
  4. Don’t forget your hashtags. That is one way people find tweets and lets people know what they are about quickly.
  5. Mention other people using the @. Maybe they will retweet.
  6. Don’t forget to mention your blog/site.
  7. It is OK to ask people to retweet.
  8. Pictures are always a HUGE plus. You will get A LOT more attention with pictures.

These are just a few ideas. Remember, keep at it but don’t repetitively post the exact same things over and over. Be creative.

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