How to Promote your Website by Blogging

How to Promote your Website by Blogging

Blogging or content writing is the best organic way and best free way to promote your website. This is how we build 75% of our web traffic, the rest is built by social media and pay per click with pay per click advertising being the smallest traffic generator for us because we just don’t like to pay for website promotion unless we have to.

Generating content for your website is the absolutely without a doubt the best way to promote your Bring webtraffic to your websitewebsite for free, yes you do have a time investment you have to put into it so I guess it is not totally free.

In addition if you are not good at writing you could pay a small amount to a freelancer on a site like to write your content for you but we prefer to focus on the free website promoting in this article.

So, how do you go about generating content that will help drive traffic to your site?

We suggest by trying to keep all of your content as relevant as possible to each other. That way once someone gets to your site they might go to other pages. We also believe the search engines reward you for a consistent theme. Of course, that changes all the time, so who knows? Every Google update brings a new set of rules and optimizations. Still quality, relevant content is good for your site.

What do we mean by keeping the theme of your website? Well if your site is about baseball then you should not be creating content about cooking. Keep it baseball related. The longer your users stay within your website the better.

How do you create quality content that will drive visitors to your site?

First you need to find the right keywords you want to focus on. You should have these for your site in general as well as each blog article or set of articles. You should also focus on keywords you can actually rank in. Usually this means long tail keywords.

Keyword Research

What are they?

Well going back to the baseball example above, you would not want to focus on the keyword ‘Baseball’ as a way to promote your website. You might rank somewhere for the keyword ‘Baseball’ just because it is what your site is about but it will probably be on page 10 or more of the Google search which does you no good. There is just too much competition for that keyword.

What you would want to do is find a long tail keyword like: ‘Playing baseball if you are blind’. Not many people write articles about that so the competition should be pretty low. Focus a blog article on that or better a series of them and you might just find your page on the 1st page of the Google Rankings for anyone searching for ‘Playing baseball if you are blind’. I know my example is a little extreme but get the idea. You want long tail keywords you can get ranked in.

How do you find those types of words? Simple, I have put a search box below you can use to test out any keywords you want. See what you come up with.



After you get the right keywords you need to start creating your posts to promote your website. How long should they be? Well that is up for some debate but if I were going to write a series of 4 or 5 blog articles to promote my website for free using ‘Playing baseball if you are blind’ I would start with an article between 2500 and 3000 words long. Then I would do about 4 more in the 500 to 1000 word range.

The key is to tie them all together.

Finally, be consistent. Your site will not rank if you write 5 articles today then don’t post anything else for 4 months. You have to stay active. Try to post at least 2 articles a week. Yes you can post more if you want to grow the site traffic faster but always post at least 2 quality, relevant blog entries every week.

Please give us your comments below. Good luck.


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