How to Promote you Website with Facebook

How to Promote your Website with Facebook

We are continuing our how to promote your website series today with a post about using Facebook to promote your website for free or paid if you want to place Facebook ads. We are not going into Facebook ads with this post.

Promote your website with Facebook

Promoting your website using social media is a great way to take advantage of existing contacts you already have in your friends. If you are lucky they will share your posts to their friends and you will get a pyramid affect letting your social media posts reach hundreds if not thousands of additional people with no extra effort on your part.

You should always create a quality post that accurately reflects any link you include in the post. Don’t try to trick people into clicking on your link. Yes that shows up as web traffic, but it does little to build your brand or sell whatever you have on your site.

If you are just after random traffic because you have a bunch of Google Ads on your page that might make you a few dollars but you will discourage people from clicking future links and sharing your post to their group of friends.

You also need to make sure you have a good landing page for the link you put in your Facebook post. Just like with pay per click advertising you need a landing page that converts or at the very least encourages people to stay on your site and explore.

If you master the art of creating good Facebook posts, which takes practice, then you can also post to any groups that you are members of. We are members of a number of Facebook groups that let us post to the group as long as our post is relevant to the post. This makes sense for both the group owner as well as you.

If you submit a post about ‘Fishing’ to a ‘Internet Marketing’ group that really does not make much sense, unless you have found some way to make fishing relate to internet marketing. If you have then go for it. Everyone loves a good fishing story, right?

Another great way to promote your website with Facebook is to create a Page for your product, service orSocial Media Marketing website. We do this for all of our websites. Once you create the page you ask all of your friends to follow your page. This will give you the ability to post articles to your Facebook Page and they will show up on your friends timeline. Or at least they should, I cannot ever figure out how the whole Facebook timeline thing works the majority of the time.

Your page should give a short description of what your page is about. Be sure to use a high quality graphic for your logo. You should also put contact information; at the very least this should be your website address. After all, that is what you are promoting right?

Over time create posts will get you more likes which should increase your reach and increase your Facebook page followers. I would give you a word of caution about your personal Facebook friends list. Don’t accept requests from people you don’t know. It is OK to accept them for your page but not your personal list.

Overall Facebook is a great way to increase your web traffic and grow your website following.

Social Media works in website promotion.


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