How to Promote a website Using Facebook

One of the best ways to promote a website is by using social media. By social media I am referring to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…

Just in case you do not have these accounts set up, the first thing you need to do is sign up! Not a difficult process, just go to the site and click join. Pretty much all you need is an email address and you are good to to.

What you do next depends on which social media site you are on. Today I am going to talk about Facebook. With Facebook if you have a new account you need to search for your friends by name and invite them to ‘friend’ you. Obviously if you already have an account you can skip this since you should have already done it.

There are a couple of different ways to promote on Facebook. One is to simply post to your feed. I would suggest coming up with something catchy and be sure to put your website address in the post. You have all probably seen posts in your feed like “Unicorn destroys Moon – Click here for more information”, usually this includes some kind of picture to get your attention. I do not suggest using this type of deceptive post but it gives you an idea what to look for. You should be able to come up with something not so deceptive yet still gets peoples attention.

The second thing you should do is create a facebook page for your website. It is very easy to do, just think of it like a mini-website. You can post pictures to it and links to your site. You can also post to the pages feed like a blog. You should send invites to all your friends to like your new page.

As you post to the new page you can like the posts as yourself and share them on your timeline. Be sure to generate interesting content for the page to get peoples attention.

Lots more help like this on the rest of my site.

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