How to Earn Money with Kindle Books

How to Earn Money with Kindle Books

This is one of our most popular subjects, how to make money with kindle ebooks or how to make money with Kindle books if you want to make the paperback version as well. Which, we HIGHLY recommend.

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Over the years we have made more with the paperback versions of our books than the ebook version. That How to Make Money with Kindle Ebooksis not to say you can’t make money selling ebooks, just why limit yourself. You have done the work, might as well make money with paperback books and make money selling ebooks, right?

You might think that the hardest part about making money selling ebooks is writing the book, right? Well, that can be difficult but there are ways around that. We have found the hardest part about how to earn money with Kindle books is picking the right subject matter.

If your sole goal is to produce ebooks to make money then you have to treat it like a business. Just like growing an organic website following you have to find what people are interested in reading and then market toward those keywords. We write a lot about keywords on our blog so you can search for articles about how to find keywords and what keywords work together on the site.

To us, deciding what your topic will be is the first and most important part of creating ebooks to make money on Kindle.

There are two ways to decide if you have the right subject for your money making ebook.

One is through a company call Jaaxy. CLICK HERE for 30 free searches we have arranged for you, just for trying Jaaxy.

The second way is to do some searches on Amazon.Make Money Ebooks

I searched for “How to Make Money Online.”, as an example.

I am going to take a quick look at the first four books that popped up.

The first one is ranked 44,450 in the paid Amazon store. This means a lot of people are searching these types of books.

This book has 1264 reviews, that is bad, it will be hard to compete with that many reviews in a short period of time.

The second book is ranked 168,776 this is good. I like to see one of the books with a ranking of 80,000 or more. That way I know people care about this genre.

This book has 20 reviews, I can compete with that.

The third book is ranked 34.868, a little low but that’s OK.

It has 21 reviews which is good for me.

The fourth book is ranked 567,098, Ok that might be too many books using these keywords.

It has 40 reviews which is good.

So, what is the next step? I would take the second and third book above and start to drill down into the Keywords they used and run further searches. I would use this information to keep moving toward a topic that had enough interest I could compete in if I wrote an ebook to make money but did not have so many reviews that I could not compete.

Less than 40 reviews is best for me.

So now you know what you want to write your money making ebook about what next?

You can start writing and write it yourself if you have the time and ability. Depending on your writing Make Money Selling ebooksability, research ability and how fast you write this might be a good choice for you. Especially if this is your first money making ebook. Long term, you will probably want to look at option two if you plan of writing enough ebooks to be your primary income.

You second option is to let someone else write the book for you. The advantages are obvious, you can produce more ebooks to make money with. You can have profitable books written on subjects you know little or nothing about.

You can use your time researching new money making Kindle books or marketing your existing profitable books on Kindle.

The big disadvantage is price. Having someone write a book for you probably doesn’t cost as much as you think, but that does not mean it is cheap if you are just starting out.

Where can you find people to write a book for you?

The two I recommend are: and

You can also try for some cheaper prices but beware; you might end up with a non-native English speaking writer posing as a native English speaker. This can be a big problem.

For a quality book I would suggest not using Fiverr, but you might get lucky.

Once you have your book written, or while it is being written you need a good high quality cover. Do not skimp on the cover. Your cover will literally make or break your new money making ebook.

You can use here effectively. They have some pretty good graphic artists that can design a very good book cover for you.

Publishing your book is pretty easy using the Amazon Kindle publishing page. They have better resources and videos there for you when it comes to how to publish an ebook on Kindle so I will let them handle that for you.

Marketing your ebook is the next step and we will blog about that soon. There are hundreds of ways to market an ebook.

Choosing the right keywords, title and topic are critical. Having a great website to market all your money making ebooks on is also a great benefit.

Don’t know how to build a website to market your book. Well you are in luck. CLICK HERE for a free service to get you started.

Still trying to decide what keywords to focus on? CLICK HERE for 30 free searches we have arranged just for you.

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