How to Create Content for your Website without Creating it

How to Create Content for Your Website without Creating it!

Does creating content for your website without having to create it sound too good to be true? Well, its not, but it does have a price. I mean nothing is free, right?

Well what we are going to teach you is a multi-step process that will help you create content for your website without putting for that much effort. There are ways to do it where someone handles everything for you but what is the fun of that?

We have other blogs on how to write content for your website, this is basically the first half of that process for creating content for your website with a twist.

First of all, you need to get an idea of what you want the content to be about. We use a keyword analytic program to help us narrow down what we want to write about to create content for our websites.

We usually start with a general idea like “how to play baseball”. We put that in the program and see what Keywordscomes up. Then we examine all the results and start putting the ones that have a decent estimated search volume but aren’t overly competitive in a saved list.

Then, we take some of the ones we saved and put them in as the main search item and see what comes up. We keep examining the results, adding to our list and searching for variations of what we find until we get a good list of keywords to help us put together our content.

Just below this you can try out the program we use to see how it works. Go ahead, put some keywords in and play with it.


This is where we are going to veer from what we would normally do. Normally, we would then start writing an article of between 500 and 3000 words to add to our site targeting our keyword list the best we can without our new article reading like a keyword list itself.

There is something of an art to writing that you will get better at over time, but this time we are going to doContent Writing something different. Remember this is entitled how to create content for your website without creating it?

We are going to let someone else write our content for us. The trick here is to find someone to do it at reasonable price.

We use two websites to accomplish this, both use freelancers that get paid by the job to do a lot of different things but we are going to use them to write website content for us using our keywords.

One site we use is, we have used them a lot, especially for creating book covers but we also use them for website content. How much it will cost varies and you have to search the site or better yet post a job telling the freelancers what you will pay. On Fiverr you will typically get a number of responses to a job post as long as you are not dirt cheap with your offer price. We get a lot of 500 word articles done for about $20.00 that are very high quality. We got lucky and found a great writer, we struggled through a few less than average ones to start with.

That is my biggest complaint with Fiverr freelancers when it comes to writing, many are not native English speakers and their articles are not great. The good news is most of the time their ranking means more to them than your money so you can just refuse their submission and move on. is another good site for freelance writing, it tends to be a little more expensive and it might take you longer to get someone to respond to your job posting, but the quality seems to be better overall.

My suggestion would be to use Fiverr until you get a good writer and stick with them.

So what should you ask for when generating your new website content? I would ask for a main article of at least 2500 words to kick off your content for these new keywords. Then I would have four or five other articles of at least 500 words each to finish out your content on the keywords you identified. Of course, you can do more but I would at least do this.

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