How to Build a Website in 30 Seconds. I can Prove it!

I remember when I first started making websites. Way back in the HTML days. I would not say it was overly difficult, but it was not exactly easy.

First of all you could not exactly find a YouTube video on on how to do it. If you did not take Make Money Onlinesome sort of course in web design you had to learn the ‘old fashion’ way. Buy reading. Go to the library or something we used to call a ‘book store’. I bet there are many of you who think book stores are as rare as public pay telephones. Well, the are not, book stores still exist; they are where you buy your coffee.

Anyway I soon switched to another product that was designed by Godaddy and it was pretty good. Then I started hearing about WordPress. A way to make a site that was basically as easy as just typing. Yes, there are a few other little things when it comes to designing or organizing the site but overall you just type what you want.

Now, WordPress is not hard, at least not to those of us who came way back from the HTML stone ages. We learned enough on the way to pick up WordPress with just a little pain involved. But what if you did not come from the stone age like me? Then, you might have a little difficulty getting started with WordPress. That is what this post is ALL about! You are welcome.

With WordPress you do not have to worry about

  • FTP’ing files. Do not worry if you have no idea what that is. You won’t have to do it.
  • No databases to set up.
  • No DNS registration.
  • No HTML.
  • Not expensive.

Here is the video on how do it all by yourself in less than 30 seconds.

Build Website in 30 Seconds

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