Content is King

Content is King

How often have you heard that?

First of all, do you really know what it means?

Content is ultimately what drives users to your website and keeps them there. If you want to move up in Google rankings you need good content on your website. You need headlines that grab attention.

You need content good enough to not only keep visitors on your site but to also encourage them to visit other pages on your site.

The longer you keep the attention of your visitors the more likely you are to have a successful website. If that first link they click provides them with quality and relevant content you are more likely to have successful interactions with your visitors which leads to better performance with those visitors as well as more visitors long term.

So yes, Content is King and the key to driving uses to your site.

So, how do you create quality relevant content that will help you grow your web traffic?

Some of the answer to that depends on the type of website you have and your goal with the site. If you are just looking for any visitor so you can make money with advertisements on your website using Google Ads or something like that then you would focus on articles that are consistent with what users are searching for on a day to day basis. In other words, what is trending.

If there has just been a Supreme Court decision about some hot topic then you would write a series of blog posts about that topic. Perhaps you do it for a couple days, writing quality original content that is at least 1500 words long, if not more.

If your site is focuses on a particular thing such as internet marketing then you would write lots of content about internet marketing. Be sure you create content that the visitors are expecting to see. This will increase the likelihood they will search your site for other interesting articles and increase your Google Rankings even further.

Keywords are important also in your content. You need to find out what people are searching for and how Keywordsoften. You don’t want your content to appear to be just full of keywords with a few prepositions connecting them. That REALLY turns website visitors off. You just need to include keywords in your content where it makes sense.

Long term after you have created a fair amount of good quality content you can look at your website analytics to see which of your pages are getting the most visitors. Once you know that you can create other articles around and about those pages using similar topics and keywords. Build on your proven success. That is not to say that you should not write about other things, just that you should always build upon what works.

If you are trying to generate organic visitors via search engines then it takes a while. Don’t give up too early. In fact there can be a very good argument that you should not even check your google analytics until you have been building your site for at least three months with a good amount of quality relevant content.

As a case study, I will tell you about one of our sites. The first month we had about 100 monthly visitors. In month two we had about 400. Month three we had 1500 visitors and month four we were at 4000. We also had one post that far out performed the rest of our pages which was interesting to us. If wrote additional content similar to that post and those pages also performed well but nowhere near as good as the original post.

The bottom line is we put a lot of time and effort into building our website visitors. Once you get a good volume of monthly visitors then you can really start to refine your site to generate sales. Just don’t spend all your time initially worrying about sales, you need website traffic!

Once you have website traffic, the sky is the limit.

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