Building a Successful Pinterest Account

How To Grow Your Pinterest Account

In a world where every business relies on the immense opportunities offered by the internet, many social networking sites have emerged and become useful tools in promoting Promote your Site with Pinteresteconomic activities. Pinterest, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms have become an important part of the World Wide Web for both buyers and sellers alike.

Though we have many social media sites, each of the successful ones has its own uniqueness – something that makes it special when compared to others. Perhaps, the uniqueness of Pinterest is best described by the words of its CEO, Ben Silberman, who said Pinterest is a “catalog of ideas” that influences the everyday decisions of its users. Now, how much influence does Pinterest really exert on its users?

As of August 2019, Pinterest has reached 300 million monthly active users. Multiple studies have proven Pinterest is more effective in driving sales than its counterparts in the social media space. For instance, a Wolfgang Digital study found that Pinterest Business pages direct more engaging customers to Business websites, spending more than 5-times longer than any other social media platform. Also, 84% of Pinterest users use the site when they are undecided about the product to buy and in planning for life events.

Believe me, a browse through the internet will show you more enticing statistics about Pinterest. However, like other social media platforms, the key to fully maximizing the opportunities offered by Pinterest (whether for promoting your personal business or you aim to monetize it as a social media influencer) is to build a huge number of followers. Albeit, you need not panic because many individuals and businesses have successfully built their Pinterest accounts and we’ve curated some of the best methods they used in achieving this for you. Moreover, success on Pinterest social media is not only dependent on the number of followers, so we’ve added other tips that will aid your success on the platform. Here is a guide on how to grow a Pinterest page.

How To Grow Your Pinterest Followers

  1. Ensure Your Bio Is Completed

People often check your bio when you follow them to know more about you and what you do before they consider following you back. Having a complete bio with a nice profile picture  is one of the keys to becoming a successful Pinterest influencer and in building an enticing Pinterest Business account. A completed bio shows the kind of persona you are trying to portray yourself to be, what they should expect from you, and it helps people in your niche to easily identify you. Your Pinterest page needs to leave a good impression on people who comes across it, that’s how to make them take interest in what you have to offer.


  1. Follow Pinners In Your Niche

Following Pinners in your niche is another good way to grow your Pinterest account as a social media influencer. People often get notified when you follow them, with this they get to see whatever you do. When you follow people in your niche, it is easy for them to follow back because they get to benefit from you too by repining your pins. People will always love potential win-win situations.

  1. Repin New Contents and Pin Original Contents

The success of those Pinterest influencers that you envy today is not by accident. They’ve expended massive time and energy in making sure their accounts look new at all times through massive amounts of contents. Ensure the contents you repin are new and relate pretty well with your niche. You can repin contents from other users’ boards and websites. Repinning contents will not only let you have enough contents on your board, but it will also let you get noticed by the source of the content, opening the door for more followers. Also, dedicate enough time in creating your own contents – infographics, funny photos, quotes, and images, are some of the contents you can create to communicate your own ideas to people to increase engagement.

  1. Start A Group Board

Starting a group board is one of the smart ways to grow followers on your Pinterest account. A group is a collaborative board on Pinterest where people in similar niche pin contents. Consider opening your popular boards for contribution and invite others who can grow it with you. This method would grow your followers because people would need to follow you in the process of joining your board. The more members you get the more followers you would grow on your Pinterest account.

  1. Utilize The Search Bar In Writing Contents

Your SEO skill is not only useful for Google, but it will also give you an edge on Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can search for words using the search bar. The word suggestions you will be given here are usually determined by what other people have been searching for on Pinterest. You can therefore get niche-relevant keywords through this method. Making use of  key words will help potential followers to discover you with no hassle. When you search, it is advisable to take note of reoccurring words on different pins and boards, you can combine such words with your own words to create a phrases that you will use on your on board.

  1. Create Sections In Your Pinterest Pinboard

Your Pinterest Pinboard is where your pins are found. When you check your board, there is a feature with which you can create sections for the different contents on your Pinboard. Blog StrategyCreating sections help you to organize your pin in a way that your audience can easily find what they are looking for without going through the stress of looking through all the pins on your board. You can create as much sections as you can and keep all your pins in an attractive manner to appeal to more followers. It is better to put the relevant pin on top of your board to get the needed attention.

  1. Make Use Of Relevant Hashtags

Like Tweeter, Hashtags are taking over Pinterest these days, popular pins now carry with them lots of hashtags. Hashtags draw the attention of other Pinners to new pins and help you see relevant boards. When trying to use hashtags, press # and the key word you want to use. This would bring similar suggestions which represent popular keywords people search in the search bar.

  1. Run A Pinterest Contest

Running a Pinterest contest is one of the ways you can get your board noticed on Pinterest. Most especially, if you’re a Pinterest influencer, you’ve to do contest once in a while in an effort to give back to your loyal followers. Make the contest instructions simple and clear. Let your contest always celebrate quality over quantity, it will increase your credibility among your followers and even attract.

  1. Promote Your Pinterest Account

Promoting your Pinterest account is one of the ways to grow your account and there are many intentional activities you can start doing to do this. Here are simple tips on promoting your Pinterest account.

How To Promote Your Pinterest Account

  1. Link Your Pinterest Account To Your Website

Putting a Pinterest logo on your website will make people remember to pin your content and it also directs people to your Pinterest account. Apart from liking your contents, they can follow you and share your contents on Pinterest using the follow and share buttons.

  1. Invite People Via Emails

When you open a new Pinterest page, one of the best ways to let your customers know is sending out emails to encourage them to follow your boards. This is an easy way to get followers since they can follow you straight from the email. Adding beautiful images to the emails is a plus too, infographics are a great tool in promoting your Pinterest account.

  1. Broadcast On All Social Media

Tell all your followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on about your new Pinterest account. You can use enticing pins from your board to do this. Since these people are already your loyal audience on other social media platforms, there’s a high probability that they would like to follow you on Pinterest too.

  1. Make Use Of Your SEO Skills

It is good to sharpen your SEO skills when trying to grow your Pinterest account. Adequate descriptions and keywords make your board pop up on the search engine result and a lot of potential followers can just get to your board with one click.

How To Monetize Your Pinterest Account

If you don’t have any personal business to promote and your aim is to monetize your Pinterest account, then I guess your objective is to become a Pinterest influencer (often Monetize your websitecalled Pinfluencer). Pinterest influencers are individuals with massive loyal followers on Pinterest who post product images of different brands and create or repin contents to promote the brand with links to the brand’s website for the purpose of increasing the brand’s visibility or sales.

Whether you’re an individual (Pinfluencer) or a business, to monetize your Pinterest account, it is not only advisable, but it is also a must for you to open a new Pinterest Business account or upgrade your old account to a Business account. When you do this, a lot of benefits will follow. One, you’ll be able to display your business name instead of your first and last names, thereby appearing more professional – while Pinfluencers may not use business names, this is really essential for businesses. Two, you’re able to get access to business features such as Rich Pins, Promoted Pins, and Pinterest Analytics, helping you in launching effective social media marketing campaigns and measuring success.

In conclusion, Pinterest is one of those few social media platforms that currently have great influence on the economic decisions of several millions of people everyday. That Pinterest is responsible for about 25% of all retail sales originating from social media platforms re-emphasizes how special the social networking site has become. As it was reiterated in this article before now, when it comes to how to become a Pinterest influencer (whether for promoting your own business or a third party business), the first step in that journey is to attract immense followers and know how to make use of other features offered by the platform for that purpose. While building a huge followership on Pinterest may seem daunting, following the tips in this article will make it a piece of cake for you.


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