Blogging for Clicks

What do I mean when I say blogging for clicks? I am talking about writing a blog in order to get people to respond to advertisements you have in your blog or a product you are trying to sell.

Blogging as content for revenue generating sites is nothing new but you do need a plan. Below are a couple of suggestions I have.

  1. Pick a subject you are interested in. It is always easier (and less like work) if you are writing about something you are interested in.
  2. Stay consistent with your blog. If you are writing about dogs, keep writing about dogs. Every once in a while you might write about something different but your overall theme should be the same.
  3. If you are promoting a website make sure it relates to your blog.
  4. If you are advertising a specific product it should relate to your blog. You can do general advertising also with rotating advertisements just remember you might not get as many clicks.

There are many ways you can learn to effectively blog and a number of resources I can recommend. Search my site for other blog tips and tricks. There is a lot of free data on the site as well as links to other sites that can help you.

See my page on blogging.

If you are really serious about successful blogging I recommend The Blog Writers Bootcamp. You can really jump start your blogging potential with this training.

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