Best Residual Income Business

Best Residual Income Business

While not all of us need a new primary source of income (although that would be nice to) we can all use another source of online residual income. In order to have a real (no scam) residual income you have to invest at least one or more of the following. Money, time and/or effort.

Any program that tells you can earn residual income online or residual income at home without one or more of those items is a scam. In fact, the truth is, even most of the residual income ideas for making money at home or on the internet are a scam to begin with.

Why do we fall for ways to make residual income that are scams? Simply, and I am going to be brutally honest here, most of us are lazy and want something for nothing. That’s right, I said it, most people are lazy. Most people would rather try and win the lottery than do the work necessary to have a real residual income at home. Most of us would rather jump on residual income business opportunities that promise you the moon all the while telling you about the millions you can make with no effort.

Usually these residual income opportunities are seeking to get you to invest a small amount of money or the really BAD ones a large amount of money. Assuming you would not fall for the larger ones which normally are some sort of investment like BitCoin or some crazy precious metal investing scam then the ones you need to watch out for are the ones that nickel and dime you to death.

These residual income scams are based on getting a lot of people to invest relatively small amounts of money in whatever residual income home based business the guru of the day is promoting that particular hour. These programs could be anything from a stock trading program to a pyramid program. I am not saying no stock trading program works, only ask yourself this, “if the program works so well, why are they selling it?”. Once everyone starts trading the same way then it will stop working. I am talking about the more exotic stock trading programs here. There are a lot of programs that teach solid fundamentals that will help you trade better over the long term, but these are not get rich quick or even risk free residual income opportunities.

Before we go any further let’s discuss the definition residual income.

There are two primary definitions of residual income. The first is the money you have left after you subtract all your income from all your debts. Whatever is left over is considered residual income. We hope to show you how to increase your overall residual income under this definition but this is not the definition of residual income we want to focus on.

The second definition of residual income is money that is earned on a continual basis often as the result of some original activity. This definition of residual income is sometimes referred to as passive income and is more what we want to help you with when we are talking about online residual income.

In the normal world, examples of these types of income might include rental income, royalties earned from books you have written or interest on savings or loans you have made to others.

These are all great types of residual income but they all require a either a substantial monetary investment or a lot of time to produce.

We want to teach you how to build a residual income stream that will take you a little work up from and them some weekly maintenance long term. We want to teach you how to do all this for FREE. Going back to what we said at the top, this is not a scam. We can prove it is not a scam a few different ways.

First, is that you can do it for FREE. Yes, we can teach you everything you need to do and give you all the tools you need to produce long term residual income online without you having to spend one cent of your own money.

Second, we are not telling you that you can achieve this without a time and effort investment. Building real long term residual income will take you a certain amount of time (normally about 3 months) and some work on your part. The first month typically takes the most work. This consists of going through our video courses and working on your residual income website. After the first month, your workload can go down if you want. However, the more effort you put into building your residual income at home opportunity the more it will generate later.

Third, you will have access to our internet marketing community. You will be able to speak with people that have actually achieved the successes you hope to achieve. You will be able to ask them questions and learn for their successes and failures. Many also discuss how much they are making with their residual income websites. Try to keep in mind however, that some of our members to this full time. They spend some time setting up their business and still spend about two hours a day maintaining it.

You do not have to spend two hours a day on your side long term unless you want it to be your primary income. If you are just looking for a supplemental residual income to add to your ‘day job’ income then you can spend a lot less time. After you get your sites ranked you could spend as little as a couple of hours a week to keep your site relevant and producing residual income.

We will do the following all for FREE. We will teach you how to build a website to produce residual income. We will teach you how to brand your residual income producing site. We will teach you how to build a website (in less than 30 seconds). We will host your website. We will give you access to our internet marketing boot camp full of video courses to teach you everything you need to know.

We will teach you how to add relevant and quality content to your website to bring in organic visitors from web searches. You will learn about social media and email advertising to increase your website traffic. We will even teach you about search engine optimization, keywords and pay per click advertising if you want to get more aggressive. It is not necessary for you to take the more aggressive approach to building your website followers, but we will teach you about it.

If you would like to know more about building your own residual income producing website, CLICK HERE to sign up for our FREE program. No credit card required.

Join us today.

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