Advertising and Website building for Your Business

Advertising and website building is not just for the online business or the brick and mortar business, IT IS FOR BOTH.

Many of my blog posts are about advertising an online business or service but lately it seems like more and more people are reaching out to me about finding out how to build a website. Of course, my nature is not just to teach them how to build it, I also want to help them advertise it as well. So, that is what I am writing about today.

I first noticed a question on a Facebook page from a new business owner that wanted to build and control their own website. At first, I ignored the post. It just did not occur to me that this was exactly the type of help I was providing people. Stupid, right? Well, sometimes we become so focused on writing our blogs or maintaining our own websites that we completely ignore people when they ask us exactly what we are trying to teach them.

So, today I want to talk about building a website and marketing it. First of all, there are a large number of ways you can build a website I could tell you about just so I could end up telling you the way I would recommend you doing it if you have no previous knowledge. Rather than waste your time telling you everything you could do let me say I highly recommend WordPress if you have zero experience.

You will find that WordPress has a number of great options and is relatively easy to use. Once you get it set up, all you need to do is write, almost just like you are writing a blog.

* Click here to get set up with a new website in under 30 seconds.

Oh, I did leave out a couple of steps. You need to purchase a domain name and a hosting platform. Don’t worry the like above will do all of that for you.

So, now you have your website set up; now what? There are lots of ways to advertise your website such as search engine optimization and a 100 other things we could discuss and I have written about on my site. Feel free to look around for ideas (or Click Here). But, for now you only need to focus on a few.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc… about your new business and direct them to your new website. Post about your new business (including your website) to groups you are a member of.

BUSINESS CARDS. Print out some cards with your name, phone number, email address and new website and hand them out to your friends. Give them extras and tell them to pass them around.

EMAIL. Email your friends and family and tell them to check out your new website and forward it to their friends. Be sure to include a signature line in your emails including your new website address.

After you have done all of these things you might want to consider Facebook marketing in your local area and perhaps start working on other advertising suggestions I have written about in the past.

No matter what, keep promoting that site. Make sure you answer emails and any comments posted to your site.

Don’t forget to look around my site and search my old blog entries for more ideas about promoting your new site.

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