Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review.


Price to join: They have two different options.

  1. This includes a number of training videos and 2 free websites. This is a great way to  introduce yourself to the community and get an excellent idea of the overall value of the training and community to you. I love it when sites offer free access to their programs. This is one of the most valuable free programs you will find about website building and promotion.
  2. Premium membership. Costs $49.00 per month which includes all the training videos. There are so many I am not even sure how many there are my guess is over 1000 if you include the discussions also. It also includes a total of 50 website you can build. There is a discounted rate if you purchase annually.

Just for full disclosure I am a member of wealthy affiliate. I am very selective about what programs I join, I expect value for the money I spend. I join a number for review purposes but I have stayed with wealthy affiliate because I like the training and community.

That brings me to what I like about the site.

  1. The videos are excellent. The basic series is broken down into a training program. After that there are a large number of videos posted by the owners of the site as well as the members.
  2. Discussion boards. You can find the answer to just about anything you want concerning websites and marketing on the discussion boards. If the answer you want is not there, just ask. One of the members will answer you.
  3. The owners. Kyle and Carson are always posting new material to the site and they seem to genuinely care about the success of their subscribers (and free members).

They have over 850,000 members. I can tell you know all of these are active and probably some have learned what they needed to learn and do not contribute to the site much anymore but still that is a HUGE number.

Here is what Kyle says about the ‘Positives’ of the site.

  1. Getting started training videos.
  2. Video training, tutorials and classroom training.
  3. Live and interactive help.
  4. 2 free websites. 50 if you sign up for premium.
  5. Free hosting for both the 2 free websites as well as the 50 with premium subscription.
  6. Access to industry experts & millionaires.
  7. Completely free to get started.

Who is the site for?

  1. Anyone who wants to promote or market a website.
  2. Anyone who needs to know how to build a website.
  3. Anyone with a business that needs an internet presence.
  4. If you are brand new or experienced.
  5. I could keep going but let’s just say it is for everyone.

The training is comprehensive, organized and current.

  1. Live weekly training classes.
  2. Question and answer period.
  3. Organized classrooms on specific topics.
  4. Interactive discussions.
  5. Video training, tutorial training.

You also get access and training on a variety of useful tools.

  1. Keyword & research tool.
  2. WordPress
  3. Low competition key words.
  4. Hosting for your website.
  5. …and much more.

The bottom line is you cannot go wrong with wealthy affiliate. If you would like to know more click below and be taken to a special page just for you.