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Is Petra Picks a Scam?

Is Petra Picks a Scam or Not? Let’s take a look at Petra Hess and her Power Trading System. We like to take a look at as many ‘guru’ type of traders as we can. Admittedly, that does take some time and effort because we want to be both fair and comprehensive when we look […]

How to buy stock cheap!

  One of the ways I have discussed working from how was trading stocks. This could be day or swing trading. I have a page on it that you should look at before deciding this is right for you. As part of that strategy I wanted to discuss one way you can purchase a stock […]

TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim Platform

I really like the TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim trading platform. They offer a great charting software for free with an account. You get quality charting with just about every study you can think of to analyze stocks with. You can also trade directly from the chart. You can bring up multiple charts over numerous monitors which […]